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  1. jpfx

    Using Androil gps system to replace Garmin GPS

    The viewpad has A-GPS, Assisted GPS, that means it will figure out your location based on the cell it is in on a cellular (mobile phone) network. This is good enough for a 'what's near me' type service but I wouldn't consider it ideal by any means for car navigation.
  2. jpfx

    IDC Analysis of Netbook Vs Tablet Usage from 2010

    you could probably get away with: composition/dicking around/consumption.
  3. jpfx

    Xoom or G-Tab

    the screen was fine as long as you held in in the 'zone'. Video was most affected but doing practically anything else it wasn't much of an issue. I think the current price is money very well spent.
  4. jpfx

    Just picked up a xoom to campare to my ipad 2 and galaxy tab........Fail!

    my xoom is great with a nice fast screen. had an ipad for a fair while too, that was nice enough but itunes/App store and closed platform all sucked as far as I was concerned. I've commented on the fact (in another thread) that during some xoom forum searches I came across the fact that the lcd...
  5. jpfx

    Can firmware be upgraded?

    With the information you've been able to give, no one is going to be able to offer much advice... not your fault or theirs. I would research side loading applications instead of downloading them. If you have an SD card slot or similar, put the applications (normally an .apk file) on there...
  6. jpfx

    Any opinions on Asus Transformer versus Xoom?

    It appears there's 2 different lcd panels being shipped with the xoom, one apparently 'better' than the other. I read it somewhere on the android-centric forum circuit, can't find it now. You can check the manufacturer of the panel by finding the relevant info in dmesg using a terminal emulator...
  7. jpfx

    Xoom or G-Tab

    I've owned both. G tab for the price and xoom for pretty much everything else.
  8. jpfx

    Any opinions on Asus Transformer versus Xoom?

    someone gave the viewing angles on the xoom as a reason not to consider it. My own experience is the screen on the xoom is very good with no complaints about viewing angles (no shade inversion type effects). I've also bought asus products and would expect the build quality to be lower than the...
  9. jpfx

    Tablet PC Noob to All things Android

    you could get yourself an old HP TC1100 tablet PC for around $200 :)
  10. jpfx

    How To Determine Processor Speed?

    be aware that the clock speed on many processors rises with the workload and slows down to conserve battery. If it's idle it could be showing far less.. 200 mhz maybe. system panel is good: SystemPanelLite Task Manager - Android app on AppBrain
  11. jpfx

    Should I get a tablet?

    I would say don't bother based on your comments. You would benefit from a PC that would allow you to install the android SDK and indulge in the more esoteric and often dangerouse hacks. It's probably a configuration issue that is preventing your laptop from doing this ATM. Also if you think the...
  12. jpfx

    Locked up tablet

    I think they mean 2GB FAT or FAT32 formatted sd card. what else did they tell you? I would imagine you need the recovery image that they can give you. copy that on to the SD card and boot into recovery mode (which often involves pressing the + volume key while turning on). There's no way you...
  13. jpfx

    List of 1.1 ROMs for Viewsonic G-Tablet

    head ups on tntlite 4.30, has a bug link: [STICKY][ROM]Alternate GTab Firmware - TnT Lite (upd. 03/23/11, latest ver. is 4.3.0) - xda-developers basically wait for 4.40 which will incorporate the fix.
  14. jpfx

    In the market for an android..

    going out on a limb here, I'd consider a dell streak.
  15. jpfx

    g-Tab outperforms the Xoom

    I own a g tab and have tried out the xoom and benchmarks or not, they're two different beasts. I would happily switch to the xoom.
  16. jpfx

    Android Tablet Newbie Needs Shopping Advice

    it's more like with phones (iphone) where a new version is released periodically. there's also the android dev 'scene' which releases 'alternative' versions. one of the advantages of android is the amount of control you have over customizing your device how you want it.
  17. jpfx

    Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet

    I would use VNC. run a vnc server on your PC and have the students use a VNC client. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see the point of using an adroid tablet to share you desktop.
  18. jpfx

    Which tablet would be good?

    good question. I think (and this is just a personal opinion only) that the ROMs developed for the GTAB all would have multiple cores set during compiliation. from working with linux there's no real disadvantage to compiling the kernel with support for multi-processors even if it's only running a...
  19. jpfx

    Any recommendations: 10" Android 2.2 Tablet???

    vs g tab is solid, well supported in forums and can be bought from stores. This makes taking it back if you really hate it so much easier.