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    My Honest Review of This Device

    If you want to get rid of your POS and cut your losses i need a replacement screen for my tablet i'll give you $30 shipped. You can PM me if you wanna get rid of it.
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    My Honest Review of This Device

    CORRECTION no soldering needed someone else already posted this somewhere on this forum but all you need is the right adapter The socket is a 3 post socket like is used in cell phones so that you can have a mic attached as well. RocketfishTM - Stereo Headset Adapter for Most Cell...
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    Market on 2.2 Sylvania/Disco - Work In Progress

    wow now's when i wish i were a mod for this forum Please take your anger elsewhere.
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    Settings have to be redone every time turned on

    try giving it the three finger salute
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    [How To] Manually Update SYNET7LP/SYTABEX7 to Android 2.2 "Froyo"

    If the files is stored in /data could i just use the burn tool to burn my entire backed up data folder in theory adding the calibration file to where it needs to be?
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    [How To] Manually Update SYNET7LP/SYTABEX7 to Android 2.2 "Froyo"

    I have dd .img's of all my partitions from before the screen was broken. IT should have all the files i need to do everything described above. Welcome to ! Thanks for the response i'll see what i can get rolling.
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    [How To] Manually Update SYNET7LP/SYTABEX7 to Android 2.2 "Froyo"

    okay pieces of info on extracting uboot, kernel, etc from an ius. 1st you have to use a hex editor to search for gzip headers Source source This is important to me because if i can learn how to get the system out i may be able to manually insert a touchscreen calibration file and be able to...
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    InfoTM update wrap found! Firmware Verison:

    I remember somewhere along the lines reading that someone had gotten this tablet to be recgonized by burn tool by connecting the tablet to the usb prior to boot and the device would hang during the boot process and they were able to get the decive10 to light up on the burn tool. I'll see if i...
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    File system structure - Info for investigation of Recovery - Bootable SD Card

    i deleted them off my dropbox cause i needed the space..... doh lemme see if i can find the harddrive they were stored on lol
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    How to Get a Working Google Market

    That's why i put that note in there about liking to start from a clean wipe. I always had wierd issues if i didn't
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    How to Get a Working Google Market

    My personal preference on the tablet for launchers was Helix and in the beginning it was Zeam however it has since been discontinued. Give helix a try. Also the apps are there with the stock launcher you just have to add the icons to the app menu. when you're in the app drawer push the menu...
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    Broken touch screen/glass

    7 inch 4 wire resistive touch screen panel products, buy 7 inch 4 wire resistive touch screen panel products from if anyone finds the actual screen let me know i might jump in on an order.
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    How To Format Internal Memory?

    did you happen to already have something like root explorer installed and universal androot? If so you may be able to reinstall those apps via the file manager included with the tablet. try looking around on the internal storage. installed app are usually in one of 2 places /system/app or...
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    Samsung s5pv210 based tablet dirt cheap?

    they e-mailed me and asked me to cancel my order since the item was sold out. i did get a full refund and they were quick about it
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    How to ask a good question Tell us: 1) what you will be using the tablet for. list any features you need, such as g-sensor, gps, bluetooth, Adobe Flash, or any specific apps 2) how much you are willing to spend 3) if you have an idea, what the size of the tablet should be 4) how much you know...
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    Cannot update or do a factory reset...

    what did you use to make the Android update zips need to be made in 7zip or something other than winzip or winrar. You have to zip them with 0 compression (in 7zip set the compression level to "store") or it won't be successful i have only been successful in creating flashable...
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    Hardware Version 11.2.#.# updates

    does your tablet have a working recovery image? can you give it the three finger salute and wipe and reformat?
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    How to Get a Working Google Market

    Where are you in the process i've tried to go back and deipher where you are but i'm unclear. Did you get your androidID (that long number after the bar) pulled from an emulator? (one that was logged in with your GMAIL account and was able to download an app) If so are you now on the step to...
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    How to Get a Working Google Market

    if you'd like to add the files with some instructions i can add them into one of the posts at the beginning of the thread.
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    How to Get a Working Google Market

    so is this guide not useful and poorly put together? just another note cause it does kind of rub me the wrong way seeing this over and over. if you think it's hard to do with this guide then don't look at it and try to get it done the way i did the 1st time. i had to find all of these...