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  1. leeb

    [POLL] How Often Do You Reboot Your Device?

    I have never left my Androids powered up at nite... The Surface RT, on the other hand... :D
  2. leeb

    Ematic eglxl102b Stuck in Loop

    So the zip file worked?
  3. leeb

    Ematic eglxl102b Stuck in Loop

    You are calling an EGLXL102B... which one is that? Ok... been to ematic, it is the 10" version of the 25bl I had... Do all the buttons work? (gotta ask!) You say it seemed to do the 'factory reset' correctly? Do it again but do not touch the DATA this time... see if it behaves the same. What...
  4. leeb

    Touch Screen Problem

    1st off, you should be able to use a USB mouse to connect/move around with... Once you can get that far, see if you have a Factory reset ability, and start with that... Hope that helps! :D
  5. leeb

    Cannot Find WiFi Signal

    You keep saying this... So, what happened '3 days ago' that has changed the way the wifi/router is operating that could possibly affect Android devices? A power failure that caused it to use 'default' settings that are inconsistent with the original connections? A software update that did...
  6. leeb

    Ematic eglxl102b Stuck in Loop

    If you select the REBOOT SYSTEM does it return to the recovery mode (which is what I believe you're seeing)?
  7. leeb

    Boot-Up/Factory Reset Problem

    It is certainly worth a try. I certainly believe the good tablet is going to be the key to fixing the other! You may want to try doing the mount w/o the -t.. mount /dev/nande /data... :D
  8. leeb

    Im totally lost, m799ca,m7206,m009f,m010f....etc

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Chinese Clone! :p I have one of these P001s (currently 'brain-dead'), and have multiple others that LOOK the same but are NOT. Included in this variety is a lack of incentive to the manufacturers to create new versions for something that many folk would...
  9. leeb

    Charging Indicator

    What would ALSO be nice would be for manufacturers to use the same COLOR for these functions... I have 2 'SuperPAD's, one a vimicro and the other an A10... the vimicro glows GREEN when CHARGING, and NOTHING when done. The A10, on the other hand, has the 'charging display when off' function which...
  10. leeb

    Iconia B1-710

    Sounds like the LIQUID CRYSTAL has leaked out thru the cracks... as it does when the screen gets cracked. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is replace the screen/tablet or POSSIBLY connect it to an external screen if it is capable... :(
  11. leeb

    Allwinner A13 Dead After Flash with Live Suite

    Just for the record... Does anyone know what 'error %3' supposedly MEANS? Now that I have an AllWinner-based (BC1003) tablet, I'd like to KNOW if/when it gets 'worked over', exactly WHAT failed... :cool:
  12. leeb

    Boot-Up/Factory Reset Problem

    I would like to suggest that you attempt a fsck /dev/block/nande on the faulty tablet, and see if it is able to clean it up... if not, attempt to copy the /dev/block/nandg (recovery partition device) from the good tablet to an external TF card file as I posted before, and then attempt to copy...
  13. leeb

    Windows Batch Tool for Huawei Ideos S7

    While its not for any tablet I have, I'd also like to see this... and possibly port it (if necessary) to various tablets (PIAes) I have... :rolleyes:
  14. leeb

    Lenovo A2109 ROM Choices

    Once you're rooted you can delete them yourself w/o risking the install of a ROM that isn't ready. Do some searching for threads about using Terminal Emulator, SU, remounting /system and you'll be about ready to 'clean house'. :D
  15. leeb

    Mr. Old School Got an Android Tablet

    The subject of rooting may be a bit early in the game, but there is a good chance it is rooted already... Install Terminal Emulator and once running, type 'su'. If it changes the prompt or otherwise doesn't whine and complain then it already has it. :D EDIT: When you connect it to the PC, does...
  16. leeb

    Boot-Up/Factory Reset Problem

    Yes... I keep forgetting about 'mount'. :rolleyes: That is the best place to find what devices are connected to system and data (and recovery)! (I say that because Ive not used the busybox version of df...) I suspect that YOUR recovery is as hobbled as mine originally was... but you might be...
  17. leeb

    Android 4.4 KitKat: The Seven Things We Know So Far

    But... is it COVERED or CLOAKED ? :p More appropriately, Is it going to come in PHONE or TABLET? :D
  18. leeb

    Jelly Bean Available!

    Is anyone concerned that an update for a LENOVO pad may not work on a SAMSUNG/other? I would be! :D
  19. leeb

    Operating System Upgrades on a Tablet

    You would need to ask them, I'd think. :p But seriously, as I understand KitKat is not even 'officially' out yet, so it will be a while before even HP gets to play with it. Whether or not the Slate 7 can upgrade to the newer version(s) will depend upon cpu speed, memory capacity, storage...
  20. leeb

    Boot-Up/Factory Reset Problem

    So, YOU installed a busybox or it just came with one? If BOTH of the units are in fact the same, you might want to attempt copying the DATA partition to a file and then load it up on the broken one with ADB... you may need to 'df' to find out which device the data is on, then 'cat...