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    Meet The AT&T Primetime Android Tablet

    DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting this Friday, AT&T* business and consumer customers can visit or an AT&T store to purchase AT&T PrimetimeTM for $10 a month for 20 months with an AT&T Installment plan, or $29.99 with a 2 year contract.1 This AT&T exclusive tablet...
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    Top 3 Android Tablets of 2017

    I completely agree. The Zenpad should get more respect then it actually done. It's a very sold tablet with some nice features.
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    YouTube version 5 released!

    Other new/different items - HD and CC buttons are in the 3 stack menu button on the top right hand corner of the video, the auto-rotate settings work better (mainly for phones) and you can also search for playlists now instead of just videos or users. Two other items to mention - the TV...
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    Hello World..

    Welcome to AndroidTablets!
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    Announcing the Xbox One Forum at!

    Microsoft just announced their new sucessor to the Xbox 360, and it is not called the Xbox 720. It's called the Xbox One and it absolutely blew us away! From the fantastic specs to the rich and amazing feature-set, this new Xbox One is poised to take the home entertainment world by storm. The...
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    HP Slate 7 vs Google Nexus 7

    See how HP's new entry-level Android tablet fares against the established Google Nexus 7. Pocketnow compare hardware, software, and other aspects of the midsize tablet experience in a quick rundown of the similarities and differences between these Jelly Bean-powered slabs
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    Welcome HP Slate 7 Forum!

    Welcome to the latest addition of dedicated to the newly announced HP Slate 7. Who's planning on getting one?
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    OUYA Forums is now open - Dedicated to the first Android Powered Gaming Console!

    As a member of Android Tablet Forums, we wanted to be the first to invite you to our sister site located at OUYA Forum dedicated to the all new $99 OUYA Android powered gaming console. The first batch of developer consoles were released this week and the official consumer/retail launch is...
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    Merry Christmas from Android Tablets!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays! Merry Christmas!
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    Google's Nexus 10 is Now Available!

    If you've been waiting the last month to get your hands on the new Nexus 10, then today is your day! The Nexus 10 is now available to order via the Google Play Store @ So now the big question is 16GB or 32GB? Which one will you be...
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    Welcome to the Nexus 10 Forum!

    Welcome to the Nexus 10 Forum on With all of the rumors surrounding this device and photos leaking today, we felt it was a good time to get it going! With that said, who's looking at picking one of these up?
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    Welcome to the forum tingly!
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    Welcome to the Archos Gen 10 XS Forum!

    Welcome to the latest addition of dedicated to the upcoming Android 4.0 ICS Archos Gen 10 XS Tablet.
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    Nexus 7 Already Gets an Update to 4.1.1; Includes Google Wallet & Performance Tweaks

    Even though the Nexus 7 tablet isn't even out yet, the lucky users who nabbed one at the Google I/O conference will find that it is already receiving its first update to version Android 4.1.1. The update started late yesterday. This new update brings with it Google Wallet, as well as some...
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    [Rumor] Hidden Feature of the Google Nexus 7: Magnetic Smart Cover Sensor

    We aren't sure what possessed the Google Nexus 7 Tablet owner in the above video to start tinkering around with magnets on his new device, but his curiosity seems to have paid off. Apparently, he found a potential feature of the device that was not documented anywhere previously. The Google...
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    More Accurate Teardown Reveals Cost of Nexus 7 Tablet to be Just Under $152 Dollars

    Just yesterday we posted a report suggesting that Google was likely be losing money on the new Nexus 7 tablet (8GB Edition). A new and more accurate tear-down/disassembly was recently made by the folks at IHI iSuppli that shows Google isn't losing quite as much as we might have thought...
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    Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5; Unlocking, rooting, relocking & unrooting simplified & more!

    One of the excellent developers, WugFresh, over on our very own, has developed a Nexus Root Toolkit (v1.5) for Nexus devices and it now includes the Nexus 7 too! It has an amazing array of features already, with unlocking, rooting, relocking, unrooting and more. Furthermore...
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    Welcome to the Philips Android Forum

    Welcome to the latest addition of dedicated to the upcoming Philips Android Tablets.