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    Off-Topic Discussion

    BN calls them both tablets so feel free to discuss them under the Nook Tablet section. If you like I can ask the admin if there are any plans to add them.
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    It's rolling out now for the US and rolled out to the UK a few weeks ago. Asia has also received it.
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    android market apps says not installed

    Please try again. Your post made little sense. What exactly are you trying to do? Deleting apps from your homescreen is simple. Just drag to the top and you'll see a trashcan icon appear.
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Not Charging - Brand New

    First off, please post in the SG III forum regarding your phone issues and I am sure someone will be able to help. As for your tablet, are you using the charger that came with it? If not, you need to do so. If so, start by simply buying a new charger. They do conk out sometime. Also, are you...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Not Charging - Brand New

    In the future please take the time to post in the correct forum. This section is for the Galaxy Tab. I'll move yours to the Galazy Tab 2 section.
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    Android Galaxy Tab and JAVA

    The Android OS isn't compatible with it and there hasn't been enough of a demand to make it worth anyone's while to change that. Some developers have come out with emulators for rooted devices only but most seem to have disappeared. Add to that that Google just sued Oracle and won a huge patent...
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    Android Galaxy Tab and JAVA

    I have no idea what "netbanking" is. Never heard of it. If you mean using your bank's website to check your balance, make transfers, etc, it shouldn't be a problem. I use two banks and both internet banking systems work just fine. If your's doesn't it's probably your bank to blame, not the...
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    Tell me the disadvantages of galaxy tab 10.1

    The battery life does not suck at all. I used mine for web browsing and game playing for an entire 6.5 hour flight recently and still had 40% battery left. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep your screen on 100%. Not only does it waste battery power but it's bad for your eyes. I...
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    Google's AR Glasses May Come to Consumers within 12 Months of Developer Version

    What about those of us who wear glasses to correct our vision? I guess we will be left out in the cold.
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    Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Photos Being Deleted In Emails?

    Maybe you are tapping something accidentally and deleting the images before sending? I'm not sure what to tell you. Sending images from the gallery via my tablet works just fine and so does receiving images. . I haven't seen any other complaints about this either. If you are having a problem...
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    I have a slim leather ROOcase and love it.
  12. Sue7M3

    Galaxy Tablet 10.1, is savings screen-shots, but not displaying them in gallery???

    Mine display just fine in the Screen Capture folder.
  13. Sue7M3

    ICS for Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Google is your friend. That said, Samsung's latest is that it should be pushed to the WiFi only devices by the end of July or beginning of August. Carrier backed Tabs are at the mercy of their particular carrier.
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    Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Photos Being Deleted In Emails?

    I just sent myself a photo from my GMail account via my Tab and it worked perfectly. Could it be the accounts you are sending the photos to are blocking the photos? Some spam filters block attachments. I can tell you it's not the Tablet though.
  15. Sue7M3

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Not Charging - Brand New

    I strongly suggest you stop letting your battery get that low before you charge it. I would not go below 20-30% before charging. Draining the battery that low repeatedly will shorten its life.
  16. Sue7M3

    Tell me the disadvantages of galaxy tab 10.1

    I have no use for HDMI but I do have the Samsung SD card reader and it works great. Just plug it in and you're good to go. I have no use for USB either but Samsung does sell a connection kit that gives you that functionality. Honeycomb is not the least bit sluggish on my Galaxy Tab. It's...
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    Can not get WIFI service on my Galaxy 10.1 tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich

    You might try posting in the Galaxy Tab 2 section. This is for the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 which does not yet have ICS.
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    Tell me the disadvantages of galaxy tab 10.1

    Not at all. The vast majority are just fine, but just like the iPad, there are still some app developers who can't be bothered to make tablet ready versions of their apps, so they may look a bit bad. The iPad is just a giant, overpriced iPod Touch. ;)
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    Battery never shows full

    Draining it till it was dead was not a good idea. The type of battery used in the Galaxy Tab can be damaged that way. How are you charging it? Do you use the stock charger it came with?