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    ASUS Transformer Pad K010 - TF0310C what's the model equivalency?

    ASUS Transformer Pad K010 (TF0310C) Preparing to root tablet mentioned above. Note that "TF.." model number. I see TFnnn models, but not THAT one (purchased from Best Buy). For purposes of rooting, installing recovery, installing ROMs, etc. Can anyone suggest what model this model might be...
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    Possibly I've damaged CWM recovery?

    I'm hoping someone can assist determining whether I've destroyed the OS and even damaged recovery, or if there's something simple in recovery I'm forgetting to do. Some months ago, I bricked a Lenovo A2109 tablet. I was tired and frustraited and managed to screw things up pretty good. I boxed...
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    A2109: problem recovering to a valid Android OS

    Some months ago, I bricked a Lenovo A2109. I was tired, frustrated and managed to screw things up pretty good. I boxed the tablet for another day. A year later, it's another day, and I hope to re-activate this tablet. Here's what I've attempted today: Power on, obtain the black & white Lenovo...
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    A2109 Web Browsing (Chrome) Performance Is Poor

    I've had my A2109 about 18 months now. I used it several months with stock ROM, unrooted, no changes to the OS. I found that no matter which browser I installed, the web browsing experience on this tablet was just plain flaky. I used the stock browser, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, Opera...
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    I think I Bricked my Tablet... in a different way..

    Sounds like you've learned how to remove the back cover. I suspect there's still residual moisture inside, between circuit board and screen. Suggest removing the back, placing the tablet, screen down, about .3m above a heating vent overnight. Let some warm, dry air swirl around the tablet for...
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    Idiot alert: I think I succeeded in deleting recovery

    This model, recovery is obtained by pressing power button, waiting 2 seconds, then press/hold UP volume, not down.