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    So... Flash?

    B&N is theoretically rolling out an update soon that will include Flash as stock. I'm guessing that will work if the update is manually loaded to a rooted NC?
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    in case you need to buy another NOOK here is a deal....

    Best Buy is back ordered (1 to 2 weeks) and so are lots of places. My local B&N says that they are running low and some other B&Ns are out. I'll be picking one up today!
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    Why I'm buying a Nook Color :)

    Check me if I'm wrong: I've researched what's available in Android-based tablets, all the way from the direct-from-Hong Hong variety to the Galaxy Tab. I don't want an Ipad, although it's a slick and nicely conceived device. I hate Apple's proprietary approach. I hadn't even thought of...