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    HELP needed: Taking, saving, and sending pics via email

    Hi... I guess I will be the first to respond. As with many things there are a couple ways to achieve this. Simple and easy way: Go to your Gallery application (this is where you can view the different pictures) On the top right you should see an icon which looks like a V laying on its side -...
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    OUTDOOR use - HOW good connectivity by USB dongle?

    Have also tried to connect a clear 3G/ 4G USB dongle to my thrive and it did not work. From some research on the web I gathered that this is not yet supported for 3.1. Any thoughts or recommendations? Is rooting required to get it going?
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    Comments to Thrive batterie life

    I have been using my Thrive now for a few days and still experience a little with the what to expect in regards to batterie life. Last night around 10PM i put my thrive in sleep. had wifi turned or and no gps or stuff running with a charge of 23%, when I got up 7h later the batterie was down to...
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    A Thrive Newbee for less the 24h

    i had started this yesterday and my son's pc setup with google talk did not let me do video there is some more i have to check out...any advice is appreciated.
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    New Thoshiba Thrive Owner (24h) says HI

    thanks i have already subscribed to the forum page. i will check out the dedicated toshiba page as well-
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    New Thoshiba Thrive Owner (24h) says HI

    Just saying hi... I'm a new owner of the Thrive and really like it so far. Have played around with it at home, yesterday while in the airplane and a little more as of today. Went through my first full charge of Thrive-usage (7h with periods of idle or sleep, it said 16h since unplugged) ... I...
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    Gdocs stored locally?

    I think I might have figured it out ... if you select one by one, they get downloaded to the device and I think they will be only deleted if they get updated somewhere and then you would have to select them again. There is a color code going along with the state of being online or downloaded. So...
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    Gdocs stored locally?

    I'm using the app gdocs for sync-ing notes between outlook and google account for my droid x and now the thrive. Is there any way to actually store the gdocs locally on the thrive? Since when I need to look at any of the notes I might not be having WiFi...
  9. D - Dedicated Toshiba Thrive Forum

    Have one as of yesterday... yeah :)
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    Working SD slot?

    just tested my SD card slot and it works fine. I have a 16GB card in my camera and plugged it into the Thrive, no issues reading from the SD card, did not have to do anything.
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    Can't find facebook app..............

    well same happened to me too, until I figured out that using the browser will open facebook just fine and an app isn't really required... the app might have been created to serve small screen phones... but on the thrive you have a nice size screen to use facebook the same way as you use it on...
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    A Thrive Newbee for less the 24h

    Hi, I had the family agree to get daddy a new toy... well after a lot of research and waiting I decided on the Thrive because of all the ports. It just makes the most sense to me in being a "light weight" replacement for one of my laptops I have to travel every week with. Now I played around...