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    Android Tablet news round-up - 9/3/2010

    Great idea with the merged info! love to see all the new info just wish they would announce some harder details, prices & dates! anyways thanks for all the great work admins! you guys rock!
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

    nice breakdown dandroid, it would be great if it could play HD video. I'm trying not to let my hopes rise to much for the Galaxy tablet that way when the specs come out I can appreciate them! also not sure how much I'd use either camera, but I really feel the rear facing camera is not very...
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    New Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Just made the top of my "to watch" list. I agree the 7" is a good size, at least I think it is, I haven't had a chance to play with a 7" tablet yet. Price is definitely a concern but not my top one at the moment. I really would like to get some specs on the machine. and to me an important...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Busts Into the Scene with Video

    I agree, I've been holding off on buying a quality Android Tablet. One of my big debates has been the 7"/10" battle (5" is definentally to small for me). and I think the 7" is currently winning out so this tablet seems to be just up my ally. I feel that if I keep waiting for the best tablet...
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    Free Tablet Giveaway!

    interesting to see how many comments are the only post for some people :) oh well! Would love to win the tablet!
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    Tablet PC industry summit in China on Aug 20

    Thanks for the heads up xaueious, my guess is either way we'll still be getting some android news!
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    Waiting game

    you trying to make me cry admin? LOL I'm not sure I can wait 6 months my need for android is growing by the day, and I blame this forum for fueling the addiction!!!
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    What's Important To YOU . . .

    Sorry, got my tablets mixed up, i was thinking the dreem "vivid" tablet, I had initially ben watching both the cruz and the dreem closely! sorry about that!
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    What's Important To YOU . . .

    fbales the cruz tablet got released earlier this month, they even dropped the price down to $190 (not sure if it still is anymore) but upon further investigation it was brought to my attention that it really was just a renaming/branding of an eken (I believe). also i'm pretty sure it at a...
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    What's Important To YOU . . .

    AMEN!!! LOL an that list is pretty much what i'm looking for as well! and while it probably doesn't need to be said but I want it to stream videos as well, that seems to be a software issue with a couple of the latest releases!
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    Rockchip 7 inch Android Tablet - Apad iRobot (Moonse E7001)

    interesting! gonna have to take a closer look at this one in the morning. can we get any info on what version of Android it's running?
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    Dreem Vivid Tablet

    Thanks for the review! Everytime I talk myself into waiting I get the itch to buy it again LOL. Still waiting on my money to order so guess I have a few more days to decide!
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    what android tablet to get?

    looks like the dreem vivid tablet just got released! they are reporting to run on android 1.5 w/ a rocketchip. and are also implying access to the marketplace. not sure of quality and battery life haven't heard any reviews yet. but it has piqued my interest. just waiting for my paycheck...
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    Dreem Vivid Tablet

    Looks like the Dreem tablet has been released! says that it has a rocketchip 2808 but it's only running android 1.5 for the price though it's almost worth it! they have a sale going on for $188 i'm gonna sleep on it! if anyone finds a review on it let me know! Dreem Technologies - Dreem...
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    Review for the RS9 + Good & Bad news from the Market- Must read

    Thanks for the update Sam, I'm sure most of the members on here are like me, itching to buy an android tablet and in the heat of the moment it's easy to purchase something that seems to good to be true. I was really hoping to get a tablet before the end of the summer but it looks like the...
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    7" or 10" ??

    Thanks you guys, i've been using a 10" ibook G4 for the last several years and I think i'm just having delusions that 7" will be to small to work.
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    7" or 10" ??

    I've been noticing on a majority of the current and upcoming tablets that there are two main sizes, the 7" and the 10". I was just wondering what everone's opinions was on the tablet size! any comments would be great.
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    Hi My Name Is...

    Welcome to the forums Smartroad, looks like you've got a good start on knowing what to look for! hope to hear some good comments from you over the coming weeks!
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    Former Lurker

    Hey, I've been lurking around the forums for a couple of weeks now and decided it was time to join up! not as tech savvy as most of you but I'm hoping to get a tablet soon and I personally think android is the way to go!