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    Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet

    I guess it could be done by using a hdmi to rca cable to take the video of the tablet and use a usb tv card to input to the pc, what do you guys think??
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    Share desktop or host meeting on android 2.2 Tablet

    Hello All, I had a question about how I can host meetings or share my desktop on an android tablet running version 2.2 I have zenithink zt 180 and I wanted know if it is possible to share my desktop via this tablet. Thanks in advance.
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    Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet

    in other words, how can I share my desktop on an android tablet? I dont care about audio since that could be taken care of by a cell phone but I want to share what I write on MaplePaint in real time, how can this be done?
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    Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet

    tablet is zenithink zt 180 and the hdmi output exists so I am not going to create a new output. I am not sure what VNC is but does that utilize usb to share the desktop or how does that work? the idea I had was to share my desktop using an android tablet since that is the only way I can write...
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    Video Processing in Android 2.2 Tablet

    So the question at hand deals with the ability to share my desktop using the android 2.2 tablet, zenithink 180 zt to be exact. The main purpose of my application is to be able to tutor students via skype. I use the maplePaint app and what I want is for my students to view the desktop while I...
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    FINALLY found a free handwriting app to take notes during a business meeting!

    So I was wondering, does it feel like you're writing on a piece of paper. I am thinking about buying an android tablet and I only used the IPAD at the apple store to see how it feels to write on a tablet, do you think with this application it feels like writing on an ipad? also what kind of a...
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    Howdy all Allow me to initiate my first post with a very important question for myself, and perhaps a simple question for the people who are knowledgeable in the area of tablet PCs. I am looking to buy a tablet pc that is 10 inches minimum, however I do not understand if the screen size without...