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    Mid Tablet pc 10.1

    My only concern with Myefox was that they sent the pad via Swiss Post and it went via Zurich first. Took a lot longer to get here than other parcel deliveries.
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    Mid Tablet pc 10.1

    Great News! The Sawee 10 does connect to TV using a HDMI cable. Start the video first then press the menu button on top for a second and release. Works fine. The other pad I got was a Zenithink ZT-180 and I got it from I note they are cheaper already. Down to $135
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    Flying Touch II 10 inch Android 2.1 GPS MID Tablet PC

    Wife has ZT-180 and I have the Sawee 10 Mid tablet. The latest version of the ZT is far superior and plays all games and movies and connects to TV easily. The SAWEE is buggy and lots of apps dont work and the Wireless disconnects regularly. Still ok for a cheap pad though.
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    Mid Tablet pc 10.1

    Hi, I also bought this one. Its cheap and has a lot of bugs. Won't run a number of apps correctly. Bought my wife a different pad. Hers is much better and only $10.00 more. But.. having said that, I am not completely disappointed. It still browses the internet, I can play some games and all...