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    Windows 8 on Your Android

    By my very limited reading and understanding of Windows 8 is that it is intended to make your Desktop or Laptop into a defacto Tablet. !!! It now has a screen full of 'APPS' ala Tablet, Touch screen response ala Tablet, an 'optional' add on/take off Keyboard ala Tablet so really, why do you want...
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    Another 'Oldie' Moving with the Times

    Spider, Thank you for your flattering compliment but I have used Forums before so I am obviously familiar with their structure. Might I recommend a site I use frequently here in Australia to this Forums Members. It is called and while it is oriented to our interests 'Down Under'...
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    Stranded Abroad with Faulty Tablet!!

    If you have the handbook or maybe go online to find out about possible 'Lockups' for that model. Failing that you may have to do a Reset and that could wipe out all your files unless their on an SD card and you can remove it first.
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    wireless issue on AMID-972XS

    Pellicle, I'm with you on this, when I buy something I dont expect or want to have to go chasing bloody updates to get it to work. A lot of this Technobabble is way over my head and I dont have a clue what its about like 'Rooting', 'Jailbreaking', 'Bricking', 'jellybeans' etc. I have only worked...
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    Welcome to the Bauhn Android Tablet Forum

    Post removed as in wrong place and duplicating anothers thread.
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    Another 'Oldie' Moving with the Times

    I have been a Computer user for roughly 18 years but only at a very basic level. I started off with a Vic 20 and had a lot of fun with it, eventually graduated to a C64 but there was no 'Internet' only 'Bulletin Boards' but they were in Sydney and the phone costs were rather high and I never had...
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    Welcome to the Bauhn Android Tablet Forum

    For those who bought that Bluetooth Bauhn keyboard and found it wont work, I rang Tempo and was told it was Incompatible before I had more than a chance to say I had bought one. The Call Centre operator didnt sound happy as he said Aldi should not have released that keyboard when they did...
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    What does Pixcir app do, if anything other than 'Recalibrate the Screen'?

    I checked the website and I see its a chip and O/S for the '5 point' touch contact system used on the Tablet. When I click on the app, I get a screen with a couple of lines about 'Calibrating the screen' which if pressed tells me not to touch the screen while it does its thing, which it does. Is...