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    Galaxy Note 10.1 Supertab Officially Unveiled by Samsung; Debuts August 16th for $500

    Since this 10.1 inch super tab is now $500, I wish Verizon would drop the price on the $550 Galaxy Tab 7.7.
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    Verizon Officially Announces the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 4G LTE Edition for $350

    The 1024x600 res is this guy's Achilles' heel. A lot of tablet apps don't like it, like Photoshop Touch. Also viewing a web page with this res isn't much better than most phones, kinda defeating the purpose of getting a tablet.
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    Window N50DT tablet?

    Heh, your post is the #2 result in Google for "n50dt". I too am pretty much sold on it. I think the 5" size is perfect. I once had a 7" tablet and found it to be too bulky. I was just considering the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 last week, another 5" tablet that'll be coming out soon, but the $269...