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    Do You Buy Android Tablet PCs from China?

    yes, I finally bought myself a tablet PC on orientdeal last year with paypal payment and it is good. After the good experience, I also try a smartphone named Orient 3--Quad core Galaxy Note 3 Alternative. I am using it now and it is good now.
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    Do You Buy Android Tablet PCs from China?

    Hi, I want to buy myself a Christmas gift online, I seached in google and found a 8inch tablet PC which have a Dual core Rockchip3066 with the latest android 4.1 OS, orientdeal post that the tablet PC have the same 1024*768 resolution as iPad Mini, a better Dual Core 10.6Ghz CPU. it called...
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    How to choose a chinamade tablet pc

    As the tablets have different features, depending on what you needs and what is your budget plan to buying a tablet PC. Most people use it for fun and connection with people. The tablet hardware,working speed, display sensititivity, battery life are the most important factors you need to...