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    What are the best Apad apps

    Hi Gandlaf! I`ve also bought 1 month ago an Apad 10.2" tablet pc from ebay ,hopefully like yours. But for last 15 days its not working ,its stucked up at the display where they show "wowpad" at lower right corner.That is before the homescreen comes.It can be restrated but stucks up again at the...
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    Apad 10.1" tablet pc " Held up "

    I `ve purchased Apad 10.1" from Game_mastr at ebay, hardly used for for 10 days when it got stucked up. It stats with display "infotmic" then spirals of "communications" displaying "wowpad in lower right corner comes & that stays permanently. Then no otherkey works except that small knob for...