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    Problems with connecting Internet in" Haipad M701-R"

    I have recently bought an android 2.1 tablet "Haipad M701-R" from ebay which is working very well with no problems. Whenever I connect it to a wifi connection, it connects well and the status also shows the same message....But when I try to use the browser, maps, email, etc.. it show the message...
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    Does the Techpad Android Tablet support 3G USB Modem ??

    I saw an android tablet which suits me very well but internet connection is the only barrier.... Here's the link : eBay India: 7" WiFi Android Tablet Netbook PC 800MHz CPU 256MB RAM (item 310268368439 end time 09-Nov-2010 01:49:57 IST) Can I connect external 3g usb modem (Tata Photon+...