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    New to the forum, any info on the Visual Land Connect Android 4.0 7" Internet Tablet?

    Make sure that it has 1G Ram. I have one with 512 MB ram and it is too slow. I've had a lot of problems with the Visual Land Connect 4.0. It uses 1Mobile Market and Amazon Appstore instead og Google Play Store. Walmart has a great Nextbook 8 tablet on sale for $99.00. I bought it for my...
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    Problem Downloading Apps on Visual Land Connect 4.0

    I bought this Visual Land Connect 4.0 tablet for my daughter about a year ago. She called me saying that it would not boot past the screen where the Android shows up. She brought the tablet back to factory settings, but could not download apps. It has 512 MB Ram, which is one problem. I keep...
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    Won't Start Past Flashing Android Screen

    Just had the same problem with my daughter's tablet. You can reset it by holding down the power button and the volume button. We reset hers back to factory reset and now I can't get a single app to download.
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    New User Needs Help

    If u have a micro sd slot on your tablet, you can take the micro sd card, place it into the larger card holder, then put it into the appropriate card reader slot on your pc. Find the location of the card in "my computer" on your pc. Find your music files on your pc. Select the files with your...
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    Acer Iconia A500 Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update Too!

    I didn't root or anything. Just download the free Kingsoft Office app and Astro File Manager. I downloaded HP e-print app to print to my HP wireless printer. Hope this helps. Acer A500 tablet.
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    Acer Iconia A500 Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update Too!

    Just got ICS update this morning on my Acer A500. Everything working great. I updated all of my apps first and downloaded the updater from Google play. Nicer look; auto correction when typing; Java updated automatically after install.
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    ICS nighmare

    I downloaded the ICS update helper from Google Play and made sure that all of my apps were updated, but have decided to hold off on the ICS update for now. I am seeing too many problems. When I tried to update to ICS, I got an error message that my wifi was not strong enough, which is not...