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    Where is Adobe Flash Player ... ???

    Try the droid x flash player apk that was posted on here. Works way better than the market one on a A70.
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    Ok for the $$$ and what you get which is better and why?

    I've seen these tablets all over craigslist and ebay. Besides the bad screen, horrible build quality, no support(no updates unless hacked and rooted), no returns if defective, it's not bad. Just a note I've used these in the past and I'd buy a Archos over any of this chinese garbage any day.
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    Honeycomb To Have Minimum Specs; Require HD and Dual Core

    The Huawei S7 has GPS and phone capabilities which technically make it a phone with a tablet attached to it. If your device is set up that way then you can get full market access with Google no questions no work around needed. Samsung got a pass on that requirement for the galaxy tab in...
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    Have some patience and dont buy a tablet now!

    The average income of a Chinese citizen is less than $2800US yearly. Chinese farmers earn much less. They aren't buying tabs, most villages still have communal TV's let alone a tab. Get Real.
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    Firmware 2.02

    Could you post a step by step on what you're doing? That would be helpful to everyone.
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    Firmware 2.02

    We have a winner on a replacement for the market. Imaginethat posted about above. I remember going there when I had another phone I needed apps for. If you go to on your tablet it goes to mobile and it recognizes the sylvania as a Zenithink ZT-180 and you're good to go.
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    Firmware 2.02

    I bought one of these at TRU yesterday evening on sale for $149.00. There was a promo code for $15 off any purchase over $100. There was an additional $25 off if you paid online with mastercard. Bought it online for $109 plus tax and picked it up at the TRU down the street. Mine does...
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    Firmware 2.02

    I'm having the same problem with the default browser. You hit the default browser and then skyfire takes over for some reason. Even if it's checked off as the default. I just use dolphin hd, it seems to work the best.
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    Firmware 2.02

    Skyfire doesn't show up as an application. You can disable Skyfire by going to skyfire settings, scroll down to the bottom and uncheck skyfire as the default browser
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    S7 phone with AT&T?

    I don't the ATT sim card problem is as widespread as you think. I've used a ATT sim in my S7 made calls got access on 3G with no problems at all. I currently use a Tmob sim and works perfect, calls and edge work fine. The ATT sims do work well but I think there is some sort of procedure...
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    Hello from Los Angeles Currently using Huawei S7
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    Huawei S7 Accesories site

    +2 on Griffin, just got one at Walmart and it fits almost perfect.
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    S7 for T-Mobile Customers

    I'm using an S7 on TMobile right now. Calls are no problem, but the data is on the EDGE network not 3G. Works fine but really slow, if I can get S7 on 3G I would be a happy camper. I'm using a pre-paid sim so I don't know if it would be different if you used a regular TMob sim. I really like...