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    Can't copy files from usb drive

    Thanks, I will try the tool. I have not been able to get the drive to format with anything other than exFAT so maybe it will work. I have the OTG cable and Nexus Media Importer. That is how I am copying files now. What do you mean by it not being Read/Write unless you rooted? I have not...
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    Can't copy files from usb drive

    I have a google nexus 7, but my kids have generic tablets. I can copy movies and music files directly from my HP laptop to any of the tablets and it works fine. I bought a 64gb usb drive. When I copy the files to the usb drive and then copy them to the tablets, they won't work. Can anyone...
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    usb drive write protected (?????) HELP

    I just got my first android tablet, a google nexus 7. I have been using a usb drive to store movies on because I am going on a trip and want to have a selection to view offline. It was going ok and I put about 7 movies on the drive. Then I tried to copy a movie of lets say questionable...