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  1. faceman

    Wifi problem

    Woot! Glad I could help (even when I don't). I have to agree that the last few CM7 releases have be getting REAL close to solid daily use.
  2. faceman

    [RECOVERY] Official ClockworkMod Recovery Information and Versions

    I have no idea... i gave up trying to get a straight answer, and it seems that once again they have done things to "fix" nook issues without explaining what the issue was and how to work around it. Anyone using the "NEW" ROM Manager - do we still have two Nook Color choices? Sounds like we...
  3. faceman

    [INTRO] So you bought a NOOKcolor, now what? (aka - A Complete Idiots Guide)

    The reason the multiple files are not mentioned is because when you are in CWR and select to do a restore, it only shows you the folders to pick from, it won't show you the files inside so the recovery app forces you to pick a folder.
  4. faceman

    Question re: Bootable - vs installed ROM?

    Admittedly, I did not READ the whole article but I skimmed it fairly well and it reads like a VERY good write-up for GENERAL Clockwork usage. With that as a basis, read over the other articles here listed above about how CWR interacts with a Nook Color (cause that is the kicker - CWR is generic...
  5. faceman

    CM7 Release candidate 4 posted

    Not sure about Honeycomb on SD and apps... this thread is about CyanogenMod 7 which is a completely different ROM (ie Operating System). So not really sure what you are asking.
  6. faceman

    Wifi problem

    I would love to try to help you figure this one out, but without more information about how the NC is set up and what type of network is running at the school, there are just TOO MANY options. Try to get some more details and let us know.
  7. faceman

    [Recovery] Creating a bootable CWR mSD v3.0.1.0 or higher (ext3 & ext4 compatible)

    I tried to dl the md5 txt file to update the OP, but it seems to be an empty file. Can you post updated MD5's so I can correct the op? Thanks.
  8. faceman

    ClockWorkMod: running from SD card or from ROM?

    That is essentially what I have experience in practice. Using the same CWR installation (v3.0.1.0) I was able o flash, backup, restore, and reflash every type of ROM without changing my CWR installation.
  9. faceman

    [CM7][kernel] New OC kernel that fixes IO issue (making Quadrant work right)

    Just an FYI - ALL CM7 based ROM's have a battery drain higher than other roms. This is because CM7 has a "sleep" issue so the sleep function has been disabled. So when you press the power button quickly, only the screen turns off, it does not actually "sleep." Known issue and will be looked at...
  10. faceman

    Nook Color CM7 v25 playing MarioKart 64 with Wiimote CC

    They are running CM7 and paired their Wii CC to the nook. Recent CM7 builds have working BT. :) I play some emulators with my Wiimote in bed before going to sleep. :)
  11. faceman

    [CM7][kernel] New OC kernel that fixes IO issue (making Quadrant work right)

    It seems Divine Madcat couldn't wait for dalingrin to get back from his trip and worked out a new OC kernel that fixes our funky Quadrant scores... if you have CM7 and have either bugged out of the OC kernel or weren't happy with previous Quadrant scores (not that I care about Quandrant...
  12. faceman

    (How To) Installing/Using ClockworkMod, Rom manager, nandroid backup, custom kernels

    Your internal CWR is v3.0.0.5, and even though you used an ext4 bootable card, your internal recovery is still the older version. You should download the flashable CWRv3.0.1.0 - place it on your NC - reboot into recovery (which will be and flash the zip, thus updating your internal...
  13. faceman

    just posted on FB page of Barnes and Nobles . NOOK... re update

    The key note of mention is that they talk about Flash... this means the update is moving from Android 2.1 (Eclair) to Android 2.2 (Froyo). Nice step that was promised for first quarter 2011 and they are making it just in time.... wait, no they're not. lol
  14. faceman

    Is my NC Bricked?

    If you have CWR installed (and you do since it keeps rebooting into it) then the hard reset and 8 failed won't work because CWR overwrote the stock recovery. What you CAN do is download the 'Remove Clockwork' zip file, flash it via CWR, and reboot... THEN do the 8 failed boots to start over...
  15. faceman

    [eMMC ROM] CM7 Development Release (03-11-2011) (now with Bluetooth!)

    4ft isn't too bad... ok for holding the nc, not good enough for mp3 play throughout the room.
  16. faceman

    Having problems trying to root Nook Color...

    Just to be sure, while you were rooting and you got to the step where the NC rebooted itself. You then went through the initial set up process --> did you remove the autonooter SD card BEFORE trying to reboot? If not, the autonooter would run again. If you did remove it, not sure what was...
  17. faceman

    Boot Loops/ SD card issues: HELP!

    Welcome! Glad you got things worked out, now that you are running I recommend a good nand backup and maybe even a second SD for recovery just in case. :)
  18. faceman

    Updating CM7 from Rom Manager?

    To clear a few things up... The premium version of ROM Manager is supposed to look for and notify you of updates to your installed ROM. It WILL do this for CM7 as new nightlys come out. However, the script for updating this way is not perfect with the current nightly setup, so it is recommended...
  19. faceman

    [MOD][CM] Bottom Status Bar MOD via XDA for CM7

    This is being worked on to be part of the regular CM7, but it might be a few nightly updates away.