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    Superpad Flytouch II is bricked

    When you get to recovery mode you have the option of formatting the cache and the factory settings - do it- ignore warnings. Everything came good when i did it.
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    Help with MIDVIA SUPERPAD i7 and Android Market "starting download" forever

    Do a factory reset, may clear the problem
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    AC1S x220 v2 10 inch tablet - Help!!

    Do a factory reset, that may help. Can't do any harm
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    Froyo (Android 2.2) Running on FT2 Series Tablets! CONFIRMED!

    just type winhex in google. selsct the original site. Winhex is free
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    Help with SD (TF ) SLOT

    Push it in with your thumbnail until it clicks
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    ePad 10.2" will not boot

    Read my lips
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    No recovery on my tablet...

    Wowpad Hold down Home and volume minus. Then hold down the power button. hold all three down until recovery screen is reached. I deleted cache and factory settings And everything came good. However if you rooted you've probably deleted the recovery program
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    recovery mode

    Hold down home and volume minus then hold down the power button . Hold down all three until you get past the GSOD (the green screen of death) and the loading screen to the recovery screen . Let go the fingers
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    ePad 10.2" will not boot

    I had this problem a couple of days ago. Here is what I did to fix it. Hold down home and volume- (volume minus) now hold down the power button. Hold all three down. The green screen of death (The GSOD) will come up. Keep holding them down - The loader whizzing sun will do it's thing. Then the...
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    What Kind Of Android Phone Do You Own?

    I just got a free LG p350 smartphone as part of our phone deal. But the keyboard software is a problem. I try to open a google account but I hit one key and it prints a different letter. when I hit backspace it prints the letter M so it's useless. needless to say i will be on phone on monday...
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    Having major issues! (Generic pad)

    Try a factory reset
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    I'm going to need some help guys.

    Hold on thar! Ah say hold on thar son. I mean like you a proffesser of inglish or sunnink? Ah meen Wha' 'appenin'?
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    Micro SD card issues

    I had this problem but in the other slot. Get a bright torch and look in both slots and see if there is any difference. If not the card is not in there. You may have pushed it between the female plug and the shell not in the slot. In which case leave it there. not worth the hassle of dismantling.
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    Epad Flytouch Start Up sound

    Turn it off in settings
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    How to format a new internal SD Card

    use a partition manager like mini partition tool it's free
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    How Do I Remove The Cell Signal Strength Bars From My Flytouch2?

    Superpad has a wifi signal bar
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    How Do I Remove The Cell Signal Strength Bars From My Flytouch2?

    It means the wifi is turned off, not phone
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    Press the reset button
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    help with rooting superpad

    Go to settings and turn on usb debug