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  1. Valler

    Is it possible to use the Sony S with a VGA projector?

    Just my 2 cents. Haven't tried but ... How about a: VGA to HDMI converter & HTC DLNA Adapter.
  2. Valler

    Connecting to a Fiji Camera

    Just a thought (I have absolutely no experience :confused:) It might be the same "issue" as with the external harddrive/Usb-Pen. You might need a: Micro-B USB HOST OTG Cable. (Sony got one at their shop, cheaper at Amazon :))
  3. Valler

    HELP - Connecting Tablet to TV/Streaming

    Thanks. I solved the streaming to TV issue. Installed a MediaServer app (iMediaShare) at tablet and found the server at the TV via menu. The rest is history as they say :)
  4. Valler

    HELP - Connecting Tablet to TV/Streaming

    What about if I want to stream eg. movies/picture fra tablet to dlna-tv (sony) ? no pc just Sony tablet S, dlna TV (and a wifi-Router). Tried looking @ android marked, but no luck for me. Hoped somebody else know about dlna, please and thanks.
  5. Valler

    Best news ever

    To browse and tranfer files to sd-card from pc/tablet I use: ES File Explorer ES makes it possible to see and transfer files between: local/LAN/FTP/Bluetooth/net nb: I only use a sd-card 32GB class 10
  6. Valler

    External Hard Drive

    Just to tell my story :) With the Cable mentioned, I can read USB-Pen (tried 1,2 ... 64GB), but not an external harddrives on its own. If I have extra power to the harddrive, I can read the harddrive and by I, I mean Sony Tablet S :) All Fat32 an cable have to be Micro-B USB HOST OTG Cable...
  7. Valler

    A stylus/pen for taking notes (TabNotes)

    I would like to use this apps for note taking: TabNotes Does anybody know off, have tested, a stylus/pen that works for taking notes? Have tried and nogo: - Kensington Virtuoso Stylus K39358US - pogo stylus for iPhone4 - Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 0A33887 - Just Mobile AluPen (AP-818) -...
  8. Valler

    mp4 playback

    MoboPlayer. Have not found a format the player could not play.