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  1. macthecat

    Nexus 7 won't charge

    Thanks for your reply, I've tried different charger units and the USB cable plugged into My laptop, the cable itself is only a few weeks old and had been working fine until this incident. The forum I checked seemed to be concentrating on loose battery connections (tested) and doing a hard reset...
  2. macthecat

    Nexus 7 won't charge

    Hi all Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere I've looked but couldn't find anything, my sons 1st gen Nexus 7 (about a year old) has suddenly stopped charging. He let it run flat, plugged it in overnight and the next morning nothing. As far as I can tell the battery is in OK shape lasts about...
  3. macthecat

    Free Movies

    I have just found an app called Mbox beta it has a mix of old and new movies and TV programmes/series, its free and is available from the Play Store.
  4. macthecat

    Free Movies

    hi all Try this link it works well and the app is still updating with the latest movies VideoMix 1.5.7 for Android.
  5. macthecat

    VI40 Elite V3 Firmware/Image, Latest Release Please?

    Hi try these 1.4 seems pretty quick, but we really could do with a jelly bean upgrade. [ROM]Android 4.0.4 firmware Update for Onda Vi40 Elite V3_v1.4rc3 New Firmware For Onda VI40 Elite - 1.4RC3 For Versions 1 and 3 - Good luck.
  6. macthecat

    ONDA Vi40 Elite V3 - JB

    Hi Unfortunately I think Onda have abandoned the VI40 in favour of it's newer products, and we are stuck with ICS, unless someone knows differently? There have been rumours on sites about Jelly bean for VI 40 Elite and ultimatefor months now but there does not seem to be any progress. All I can...
  7. macthecat

    Seeking a good virus protection app

    You could also try Dr web Lite, a realy good piece of kit I have been using it on various devices for some time now no problems whatsoever
  8. macthecat

    Problems with Catchup TV app - Help please

    Hi Has anyone else been experiences problems with the catchup tv app (uk). a friends tab a generic MID devices runs flash, bcc iplayer, and itvplayer without problem but always fails to properly run catchup tv. he can see the advert prior to the steam and has pefect audio but no visual, I have...
  9. macthecat

    Ainol Hero 10

    Are you running stock firmware? there are many modded roms available that will solve these issues, reflash with one of these (or try the Ainol site for updated firmware) be aware that flashing with a non-stock rom will invalidate your warrenty though.
  10. macthecat

    Free Movies

    It was certainly available upto a few days ago, and the app is still working and updating daily, full movies online VideoMix Pro Apk v1.0.6 | Free Download | APK ANDROID NEED's this link takes you to a source (untried) for the app.
  11. macthecat

    Very poor experience with ipadalternative - AVOID

    I'm sorry to say that this mirrors my experience of, you only have to look on their forum at the number of complaints & refund requests (most of which are taken down after acouple of days) or read the online reviews to see what they are all about; a flash site, promises of...
  12. macthecat

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Getting Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Rollout in the US Right Now

    Is there any indication if/when this upgarde will be available in europe? Many thanks
  13. macthecat

    Dead tablet? Need help.

    Sorry I'm not familar with this tablet but I had a simlar problem with an Onda VI 40 elite, What I did was leave it charging over night (you can only hope that it is charging but at least this gives you a chance); in the meatime I downloaded Livesuite and the latest custom ROM I could find...
  14. macthecat

    Free Movies

    Not sure how legal this is but as it appears on the Google Play store!! (as do several similar apps), but I have recently been using Video mix (pro) it’s a great app and have a massive library of films and TV series both recent and old stuff, the streaming quality is really good, there is...
  15. macthecat

    "this item cannot be installed in your device's country"

    Hi I don't mean to teach you to suck eggs, but have you tried your devices language and location settings, if these are fine you could try installing a custom rom this is a link for one campatable firmware that wil be suitable but there are many others you could try. These...
  16. macthecat

    Skygo on VI40 Elite

    Hi all No afraid this didn't help, form what I could work out you have to use rootkeeper to temparaily unroot your device however it would appear that Sky keeps upadating their app, and renewing the DRM which kill off the thje app unless it is tailor for a particular phone/tablet. There seems...
  17. macthecat

    Cases for the Galaxy Note 10.1

    Hi I got my case here Zenus Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Masstige - Camel it a uk site so I'm note if you want to import. The case is excellent really nice leather all holes slots etc are corretly placed (no problem, with charging port) and it feels like a high quality product.
  18. macthecat

    Any Point Getting a Note 10.1 if I Have No Intention to Draw or Use the Stylus?

    I didn't realy need the stylus either but bought a galaxy note as I got a fantastic deal from John Lewis plus a £50 cashback offer direct from Samsung the note came in cheaper than the galaxy tab I was thinking about, I was not disapointed it is a power house and I always use the stylus now it...
  19. macthecat

    Galaxy Note 10.1 (n8000) - Red X on Power Icon

    Hi all This seems a bit strange mine is fine since I upgraded to jellybean and battery life is much improved i recon about 20% better at least, I have had no problems charging either with my factory charger or the dock I bought off amazon...
  20. macthecat

    Skygo on VI40 Elite

    Hi Thanks for that I'll give it a try and report back Cheers macthecat