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  1. Gin Martini

    Micro SD card not latching.

    Since where talking about microSD card, is there a way to read the microsd card from the eee pad with a PC? I owned an Archos 101 and when I mount it to the pc, I got 2 removable devices that appears on my PC, but not with Asus and I don't know how to mount or eject it from my pc (I only see a...
  2. Gin Martini

    New Owners Advice???

    was the screen scratched? I'm wondering how strong the gorilla glass can be against this kind of situation (falling down)
  3. Gin Martini

    Honeycomb 3.1 update

    I did, and I can tell how much more stable it is compared to 3.1
  4. Gin Martini

    Archos users I need your advice.....urgent

    I'm using mine (Archos 101) right now as a reader. I read magazine (in color) and comics (black & white) and both looks really sharp.
  5. Gin Martini

    Are there any updates coming soon for the Archos 101?

    it depends on your need. If you like fast response, way much better screen quality, more than just 2 simultaneous touch and a huge range of applications that works at 99.99%, then I can see why someone will want an Ipad2 instead.
  6. Gin Martini

    Archos 101 and Honeycomb

    The verson of the OS. Honeycomb is the 3.0
  7. Gin Martini

    New Firmware 2.1.04 (2.1.4) Replaces 2 .1.2/2.1.3

    Love Archos for that! btw, I did a clean format installation on mine when it was for 2.1.3. How can you see if you have 64mb of memory now? what Archos said: "Memory: enable 32MB swap by default and increase it to 64MB after Android reset or full device reformat"
  8. Gin Martini

    cant delete videos from 101

    you can make a copy of the contents on the microSD card to a computer first, except for your corrupted video files. reformat(with a PC), put it back(the contents you copied) and voilà!
  9. Gin Martini

    cant delete videos from 101

    you might have to reformat the microSD card. The problem is you didn't properly ejected the card.
  10. Gin Martini


    What is the brand of the mini SD card? it is possible that you bought it from ebay? Because there's lot of fake memory cards on ebay that are corrupted, lot of bad sectors, lot of them hacked to show the capacity of 16GB or 32GB when it don't have that kind of storage space.
  11. Gin Martini

    Swype on Archos 70 (and 101)

    it won't answer to your question, but here's an alternative. I'm using SlideIT on my 101, it's a copy of swype. It works flawless on portrait mode. in landside mode, the software buttons of android get on the way but doesn't bother much.
  12. Gin Martini

    Archos Webcam

    It will work, but it'll be inversed. So applications like barcode scanner won't work.
  13. Gin Martini

    Archos 101 - What is your board version?

    mine is A101IT-V6 did you guys forgot the IT in A101IT-V6 or mine is different?
  14. Gin Martini

    Should i buy an Archos 101

    It depends on your budget and needs. for $300, there's not much tablets like the Archos 101 (multitouch, capacitive, ...) In my point of view, for web surfing and music, it's great. For anything else, not that good.
  15. Gin Martini

    Archos 101 USB streaming

    Also thank you for testing a different hard drive. Since the OP wanted to use his 250GB WD HDD, your test is more accurate in his case. and it also help me to not going telling anyone that every portable external HDD works on the Archos 101.
  16. Gin Martini

    My Personal Archos comparison 5/500 7 HT and 101

    I got the 8GB, but is there a difference with the 16GB except the storage?
  17. Gin Martini

    Archos 101 USB streaming

    I just tried another test with a playable on Archos 101 video. It can be played directly from the usb port on a USB thumb or Portable external hard drive! it'll use the power directly from the Archos 101 and not independently on a power adapter. It is tested with a 250GB LaCie portable external HDD.
  18. Gin Martini

    My Personal Archos comparison 5/500 7 HT and 101

    I wish you have also the 8 gen 70 so you can compare the screen of the 101 with it. in my point of view, my archos 101 screen has the worst view angle I ever experienced so far on a lcd screen (black tones are really annoying whenever you move the angle a little). and have one of the lowest...
  19. Gin Martini

    Archos 101 USB streaming

    By curiousity, I just tried on mine with my portable LaCie drive and it can detect the drive, search for file and will probably play it fine. I can't be sure on how it'll play only because it can't decode the video I tested (I didn't buy the Archos cinema plug-in, so more than 50% of my video...
  20. Gin Martini

    Top apps from AppsLib

    Thanks for the answer! this sounds great and I'm gonna try it now since my experience on the 101 so far isn't really good.