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  1. BKenney

    Newby question

    A task manager or task killer app. Sent from my MID7015A
  2. BKenney

    Problem with Skyfire video?

    Skyfire works fine for me, but not every video works. I do encounter the purple bug sometimes but it goes away after a minute and if not... a simple refresh works. An alternative is Dolphin Browser HD but its not free. Sent from my MID7015A
  3. BKenney

    Help! Stock Calendar missing

    This is an old thread folks, there are now better and easier ways to get Google Calendar working. Download the Watery rom from L_n or follow Chill's tutorial (nice work btw). Sent from my MID7015A
  4. BKenney

    Accelerometer Axis Flipped In Racing Games

    As Bill mentioned above these errors were fixed in firmware updates. The accel was backwards in the stock rom and performance just plain sucked. Root root root and upgrade people Unfortunately the biggest solution to your problems is getting your hands dirty. Sorry folks... but the required...
  5. BKenney

    Problem with ADB Interface driver

    What Operating System are you using and what version (Windows XP, Vista, 7, x32 or x64 bit, Linux)? Sent from my MID7015A
  6. BKenney

    white screne

    If its the internal hardware (like the video ribbon), restoring to factory setings won't do anything. Do a forum search there should be a thread on using adb via a PC to do a factory reset. Sent from my MID7015A
  7. BKenney

    Newby question

    CW recovery is the BEST option, but you can use Titanium Backup for apps, user settings and custom content as well (not for backing up the firmware or rom). TB saves me a lot of work when installing custom roms. :) Sent from my MID7015A
  8. BKenney

    Coby Kyros MID7015 Graphics Fix (Angry Birds, Others)

    Awesome. I knew this was possible somehow but I remember being turned away some time ago :p I was sure it would be some type of font fix or something similar though. Good job! Sent from my MID7015A
  9. BKenney

    Issues with coby tablet 7015

    The freezing and locking up while using the keyboard is a known issue. Try turning off auto complete and text prediction features in the keyboard settings menu. Sent from my MID7015A
  10. BKenney

    Help with opening files in microsoft format coby 7005

    Reply with a list of formats and we can help you find some apps. :) If the videos are flash try playing them with the skyfire browser or Dolphin Browser HD. Sent from my MID7015A
  11. BKenney

    Coby Kyros multi-touch?

    Like Teflon said multi touch is a hardware feature not software. The Kyros doesn't and never will support multi touch gestures unfortunately. :( Sent from my MID7015A
  12. BKenney

    Charging strangeness

    Its not just a problem with the Watery rom it happens with the stock roms as well. Its tough to get an accurate reading from the device. :( Sent from my MID7015A
  13. BKenney

    Coby Kyros MID7015

    Wasn't being impolite. I have no problems with anyone having an opinion. Was just stating that maybe you should have done a little reading or searching which no one ever seems to do on a forum... it gets old repeating yourself 244677876532 times; hence the links. Sent from my MID7015A
  14. BKenney

    MID 7015 gapps forcloses

    In that thread I also talk about extracting the or files and looking in the "system/apps" folder for the original . Apk files. To find out use a terminal emulator and run the "ls" or list command to find out what .apk files are in your "system/apps" folder on your...
  15. BKenney

    Squareup App Compatibility

    Alan why not try installing the market? Or did they just say it wont work with the kyros period? Sent from my MID7015
  16. BKenney

    A thread to dispel some misinformation

    Here here! *slams table. Also READ the ultimate rooting guide AND the updated rooting guide before asking anything about the Google Market and rooting. Sent from my MID7015
  17. BKenney

    Force Close Messages?

    Thattsss whatt I saiddd. :( Seriously though overclocking support would be nice. Patience is a virtue... one which I apparently don't have. :p Sent from my MID7015
  18. BKenney

    Possible easier way to get google market and apps on your Kyros7015

    If I wasn't already set up I'd give it a whirl. But I'm not entirely sure I'd trust something like this. Daddy always tolded me ain't never trust no one but yerself. And no, my dad isn't really a hillbilly : ) Sent from my MID7015
  19. BKenney

    Need Help !!!!

    I'm offended by your reference to "smart" people! I can't help it if I'm a bit slow... :( Sent from my MID7015
  20. BKenney from Coby (build MID7015A 1.6a 1/26/11)

    Thank you LN for answering, I'll stay awayyy. :) Sent from my MID7015