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  1. jigga

    root or ICS , which first ?

    i root my motorola xoom wifi 3.1 according to the steps from xda-developers [GUIDE][WIFI ONLY] How to Root the Xoom from Stock 3.1 - xda-developers after step 5. i reboot the system like they said but my xoom didnt boot & it freeze with motoloa logo how can i correct this ?
  2. jigga

    What Kind Of Android Phone Do You Own?

    i have 2 android phones . one is my work phone & it's HTC Desire (2.3) another 1 is HTC sensation XE & i test ICS on it
  3. jigga

    root or ICS , which first ?

    my tab is motorola xoom wifi 3.1 i dont know what to do first , root my tab or update it to ICS. plz give me some advice coz i'm new to android things
  4. jigga

    Playing animes on your tablet!

    i use vital player. it can play .rmvb .flv .mpv .avi without subtitle problem but for .mkv files it cant play sub. it gave me headache for a while but when i found mx player it solved the problem i download & install mx player latest version & mxplayer codec (AMR7) , all the anime sub problems...
  5. jigga


    Hi every1 in this forum ! i'm Jigga from Myanmar Asia i own Motorola Xoom tab i want HD games n apps for my tab surfing on the net and found this site I hope having funs with u guys