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  1. nrage23

    Anybody have the 3.1 update yet?

    Check out XDA! I am running 3.1
  2. nrage23

    Adding New Folders to Acer Iconia Tab A500

    Same way as your phone. When you press and hold on an empty space it brings you to a screen where you can select widgets, app shortcuts, wallpapers, and more.
  3. nrage23

    Blackberry Tether with my A500

    I saw something about a new version of PDAnet which I used to use with a blackberry. I know they have a version for a tablet to be linked to a phone via running the app ona tablet and a phone. I not know if it works between OS's or not but you could probaably find info on the website. June...
  4. nrage23

    Google Music Live - by invite only - get yours today

    I got my invite yesterday. It found all of my songs but I will be uploading for a long time. I trimmed my collection down to just over 19,000 songs but the ones that have uploaded so far work great on my A500. On my Evo it I had to reboot to get it to work. The experience is much better in...
  5. nrage23

    Anyone having scaling issues over HDMI

    We have no hdmi settings on the A500. My Toshiba 46" has a pic size setting I have to change when plug in the A500. It defaults to a zoomed setting and I have set it to native.
  6. nrage23

    Freekin Full HDMI! I Yeah

    It only supports 720p(1280x720) at the moment. If you notice when you plug in the HDMI cable you lose a couple of rows of pixels at the bottom of the screen on the tablet.
  7. nrage23

    Iconia Honeycomb 3.1 update and Root..

    Worst case you just unroot when the update comes out. I just did the new update from today without unrooting mine and it worked. The big thing with the Iconia is not to remove the stock programs or you will not be able to update. You can remove them but you need to save a copy somewhere and...
  8. nrage23

    Wow.. This battery Saver App really Works

    I have used the program due to it making switching back and forth for updates easier. I left my tablet on over night i sleep mode and lost only 2% of battery where as before I lost about 20%.
  9. nrage23

    Why do so many phone apps run slower on the A500 than say a older phone?

    Also Honeycomb is more sluggish that gingerbread or froyo.
  10. nrage23


    It takes a bit to get the satellites the first but mine works great. There is a great free app called GPS Status that will help aswell.
  11. nrage23

    Overclock your Gtab!

    Pershoot has posted a kernel that will allow overclocking up to 1.4ghz on his blog. Droid Basement The thread in the Viewsonic section over at XDA has instructions. My max quadrant before was 2700 and I just got 3404 and 3654.
  12. nrage23

    Vegan Tab Ginger Edition 7.0.0 RC1 Released

    If you have not atleast used his new VTL Launcher you should get it. It is awesome to use with a tablet.
  13. nrage23

    Vegan Tab Ginger Edition 7.0.0 RC1 Released

    Gojimi has released the Release Canidate over on XDA. [ROM] VEGAn-TAB GingerEdition STABLE RC1 [UPDATED - 4/11] - xda-developers
  14. nrage23

    Any Honeycomb rumors?

    Whatever you do, do not ask this on XDA without a flame retardant suit.
  15. nrage23

    New G-Tablet owner in love! ROM advice needed.

    I liked harmony alot but no exchange sync so I am using Vegan 5.1.1 with ADW Launcher EX. It works great.
  16. nrage23

    Quadrant Scores for ROMs

    I got 2474 with TnT Harmony
  17. nrage23

    Firefox Mobile Browser for Gtab

    I just did.
  18. nrage23

    Firefox Mobile Browser for Gtab

    I have just gotten my Gtab. Coming over from Huawei S7. I must say this device is awesome when you get a good rom on it. I also have a EVO 4g phone and love using Firefow mobile 4 beta on it because it syncs favorites, passwords and open tabs with my laptop running Firefox 4 beta. The nightly...
  19. nrage23

    Best Browser for S7

    I was in my market this morning. It installed just fine but will not work. I start it and it just disappears. If I press and hold the home button is show up as still running ans I press it and it just disappears again. No force close but does not work.