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    SD Card for A10-70

    On brands of microsd, I would recommend Samsung and Sandisk, I use nothing buy Samsung for years and i do an read/write test on every new card and i have never found an fault. One thing you have to be careful on, is there are lots of fake microsd cards, only buy from reputable sellers read the...
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    Tablet With Front Or Side Facing Speakers?

    I have an Lenovo yoga tab 8" the version, there is an newer model now, both have two front facing speakers, the built in stand might not be to your liking. John.
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    Tablet With Front Or Side Facing Speakers?

    I have an lenovo tablet with front facing speakers and an Samsung tablet with side speakers and while the front facing speakers do sound better, it`s not a huge difference. With front facing speaker check that if you decide to use a book type case check that the cover does not obstruct the...
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    Five Apps to Convert Video to Support Mobile Devices

    My favourite free app for converting video is called Handbrake (Windows) it has many options and can compress video to an small size while still having great quality, but it does not handle batch files very well. There is an free app called THandBrake that acts as an GUI for Handbrake and makes...
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    Unknown Allwinner Tablet: Enable USB Host Mode

    Ask Anson if it should be compatible, see if they can help. John.
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    Unknown Allwinner Tablet: Enable USB Host Mode

    Hi. The website below will allow you to download any free app from Google Play, just provide the web address and download the app/apk to your tablet/notebook and then sideload it, the app might not be compatible with you tablet but you can give it a go. John.
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    SONY Tablet S Restore Image For SD Card

    Have you guy`s checked XDA Forum for an solution. John.
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    WiFi Unavailable

    Try this App. Or try the Lenovo Android Tablet Forum. John.
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    Dell Venue 7 Stuck On "Intel Inside" Screen After Reboot

    Did you say you already opened it up and unplugged the battery, if not follow the video below. John.
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    Dell Venue 7 Stuck On "Intel Inside" Screen After Reboot

    Try This. Dell Venue Hard Reset
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    Another A500 Play Store Error

    A handy little program if you have access to a computer, you can download the apk and sideload it to you phone/tab It`s designed to download apps that play says is not compatible with your device. John.
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    Another A500 Play Store Error

    Make sure the date and time are correct on your tablet. Have you tried using another Google email/account, to see if the problem is with your account. John.
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    Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1: Computer Not Recognizing

    In Kies menu drop-down there should be an option to re-install the drivers, also make sure your tab is in mtp mode. John.
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    Samsung Tab 4 10.1: Sound Issue

    Have you tried doing a factory data reset, it seems like the quickest way to fix your problem, but remember to backup all your data. John.
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    Samsung Tab 4 10.1: Sound Issue

    Have you used bluetooth or some other type of device that would mute the sound when your receive a call or similar. John.
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    Which Of These Tablets To Buy?

    If you can get away with an 8" the Lenovo Yoga 8" is an older but great tablet with a built in stand, it has up to 18 hours of battery life, and really good sound due to the front facing speakers. You might be able to find an 10" second-hand or maybe new on ebay...
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    Allwinner A23 No Power

    Try holding the power button for at least 20 seconds. If that does not work, you could try draining the battery till it is empty it may cause the motherboard to reset. John.
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    What Do You Think of This New Tablet Brand?

    It`s most likely a cheap Chinese brand, apart from the metal type body it is nothing special, and it cannot even get it`s specifications right. In the highlights it says it has an 9500mah battery, but in the specification it says 8200mah battery. John.
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    How To Keep Getting Good Battery Life On Tab Pro 8.4

    Does your tablet use a lot of battery while it is sleeping, mine uses 1-2% over 16 hours according to the app below. Install it and see how much power your tablet uses overnight, this will allow use to know if your tablet is going into deep sleep or if an app or apps are keep waking it up...
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    Will Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Be A Good Upgrade?

    I have the an S1 10.5" 16:10 display, and use it to play video`s most of the time , so no way would i buy an 4:3 tablet John.