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    Problems with Adobe Reader

    Thanks for the explanation J515OP! You nailed it exactly as for my SD card situation. Chris, I'm giving calibre a shot right now. Many of my books are OCR text scans of textbooks with tons of images so hopefully calibre works for me. Thanks all!
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    Problems with Adobe Reader

    I'm not sure what the difference is between these - did a quick google search and I'm no less stupid on the matter... Maybe a bit of history would help... After rooting, I used my nook to reformat my SD card to remove all partitions so that I could utilize the entire 2GB. Then, I connected...
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    Problems with Adobe Reader

    Hey. I bought a nook color to access my library of medical texts and I'm having a bear of a time getting exactly what I want. Right now I'm using adobe reader (free), quickoffice (the $14 HD version), easyPDF reader ($0.99), and Aldiko ($2.99). Many of my books are quite large (up over 100mb...
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    New nook color and FRUSTRATED!!!

    I bought the nook color to read my collection of medical textbooks, all of which are in pdf format. After realizing that the native version of quickoffice that shipped with the nook didn't suit my needs (and reading through this forum extensively), I decided to root my nook and install a full...