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    Which OC kernel?

    Thanks for the help. Will give it a try.
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    Which OC kernel?

    I have done several searches and I am still confused as to the right OC kernel? I do not want to mess it up. Does anyone have a link to a OC kernel that will work with rooted 1.2. Thanks again,
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    Which OC kernel?

    I rooted my Nook with ManualNooter 4.5.18. I wanted to install a OC kernel. Confused as to which one will work with rooted 1.2? Thanks,
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    Problem With Froyo Android 2.2 APad Tablet PC - 8 Inch

    I purchased a , Froyo Android 2.2 APad Tablet 8'' 3G WiFi Freescale Cortex-A8 FR-809 I am having problems with it. If I push down (not tap) on the screen on the lower left side when it is on, it shuts off (not power down, screen goes blank) and will not turn back on. If I carry it or pick it...
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    Help Finding First Tablet

    New member, been searching for info and came across this forum. Great reading so far. Looking to buy something mainly to learn about tablets without spending too much $$. Been doing research and there seems to be lots of companies to buy from especially on eBay. Found this tablet from...