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    Media Server Change Settings won't go away

    The easiest way yet is to go into the app, look in the upper right corner and slide the Share Contents switch to "off". Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
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    My facebook link keeps crashing

    Click the link above, in Androidnewb's post...
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    My facebook link keeps crashing

    Unfortunately, we found out a long time ago that the Facebook app isn't ready for Honeycomb. Your best bet is to open it through the browser. I thought it would have been fixed by now... Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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    Thumb keyboard and autocorrect on

    Swiftkey is great! I got it when it was free on Amazon; would have paid for it, knowing what I know now. The best features of all the popular keyboards rolled into one...
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    Scanner with USB (document scanner)

    How big is her scanner? If it's portable enough, take it to store and ask them to hook it up, see if it works... Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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    Fun Poll: How often to you Check for update

    Whenever I think about it, every few days... Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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    Acer Sync Issues

    I have news for the "cautious"; EVERYTHING you do online is traceable somewhere. The only way to ensure that your data isn't mined is to stay offline or don't put anything you don't want divulged in print ( though again, it IS available somewhere.) Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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    Skype on A500?

    Google Talk ( already on your tablet) and Yahoo Messenger are two. Also, I received an email from Qik that Skype bought them. They work great on my Evo; you might want to download and try it on your tablet. It's also compatible with Apple's chat program, so you can chat criss platform. I haven't...
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    HELP NEED!!! It's keep asking for PASSWORD but I don't have !!!

    No idea. I'm going to do some reading (and you too) and let's figure out how to get you out of this. I probably won't be back on until tonight, but I'll try to have an answer by then. Hopefully you'll have already found it. Edit: I see you already solved it. Great job! Why don't you let...
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    HELP NEED!!! It's keep asking for PASSWORD but I don't have !!!

    Did you try a factory reset? Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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    HELP NEED!!! It's keep asking for PASSWORD but I don't have !!!

    It's too late for preaching so I'm going to suggest that you go back to xda and CLOSELY read the thread you got that update from, so you can see if anyone else has the same problem and also READ the thread about rooting with 3.1 (do a search - don't start a new thread.) I'm sure there's a way...
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    Possible release date for the 3.1 update

    Case in point: It's not worth the risk, folks. Hold on a few more days.
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    HELP NEED!!! It's keep asking for PASSWORD but I don't have !!!

    Tell me you did a back up before you used an unofficial version of the update? If so, restore from your back up. Also, if you belong to xda, there may be a solution there. Good luck.
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    Screen Capture?

    And then there's that^. You're right, I did forget. All of my devices are rooted, so I do tend to forget.
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    OliveOffice font question

    Gerry, I would suggest writing the developer and asking is it Honeycomb-ready. I hadn't heard of it before, but my search told me that it's for 2.1, which you would think wouldn't be a problem but you never know...? This is what you're talking about, right? Olive Office Premium - Android
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    Keyboard Folio Case for Acer Iconia Tab A500??

    Like this one? Leather Case + Keyboard For 10.1"Acer Iconia Tab A500 | eBay It's the only one I've seen thus far. It's cheap enough to try out to see if you like it, IMO.
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    Screen Capture?

    The only one that I know of that works is Screenshot ER, which you have to pay for (unless you know how to Google for the free version...) It works well and is worth the $.99. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    awaiting my new a 500

    There are several possible reasons but they're different for everyone. If you have an Android phone it makes sense to stick with an Android tablet because you probably would have invested a good deal of money in Android apps and they can be used on the tablet without having to buy again. Same...
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    Acer Iconia Bluetooth Keyboard!

    For those of us who are shy about clicking on links with no intro, why don't you tell us a little about what it is and how you feel about it, since you have intimate knowledge? :)
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    Yet another case option...

    Yeah, I knew about the speaker covers (which I think is cool!) I'm sold. Nothing else out there quite does it for me yet...