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    check if tablet is 4g

    Hi again, thought I'd update you all. The seller admitted to a mistake with their listing and it is indeed only 3g instead of 4g. I'm returning the tablet for a full refund.
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    check if tablet is 4g

    I received my allfine fine9 glory today, but I thinkit is the 3g version and not the 4g version that I ordered. The sticker on the front only says 3g instead of 4g lte and the back of the tablet does not have 4g written on it like the 4g versions do. I also tried my data card in it which of...
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    Any Chinese 4G Tablets Out There?

    Hi all. After my 3 month old Pipo M6 has gone on the blink, I've decided that I would like to take advantage of the Good, relatively cheap 4G coverage in my area. i'm looking for a 10 inch Tab, Good battery life, with a slot for a 4G Sim. I've been down the Mifi route before, but just don't find...
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    4g/lte chinese tablets?

    Hi all. I currently have a pipo m6 3g version and am very happy with it, but was wondering about 4g. 4g data sims are pretty cheap now and coverage is also pretty good in my area, so are there any decent chinese tablets that take a 4g sim? Can't really afford £500 for the sony xperia tablet z...
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    Best quad core tablet

    Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Best quad core tablet

    Hi all. I'm looking for a 10 inch quad core tablet, be it chinese or a known brand. Budget is probably around £200 for which I would like a 10 inch tablet, good battery life, sd card expansion and hdmi out. Not to fussed about retina display or ips display, just as long as it's good enough to...
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    insufficient storage error on momo 11 bird.

    Hi all. Had my momo 11 bird for about a year now and have always had trouble everytime I install or update an app. I get an error saying insufficient storage, despite there being over 13 gb free. I did a firmware upgrade a fair while ago off the ployer website, but don't really want to do that...
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    Best quad core tablet

    Still nobody? Someone must have one of these tablets.
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    Best quad core tablet

    Does no one out there have one of these tablets, or can suggest a better one?
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    Best quad core tablet

    Hi all. Thinking of upgrading my momo11 bird with a quad core tablet, but there seem to be quite a few to choose from now. my requirements are: 10 inch screen, quad core, preferably 2 gb ram, sd card expansion, hdmi out, at least android 4, good wifi, must have full android market and a good...
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    10 inch tablet with built in sim card slot/3g

    Thanks for your reply, but the 10.1" 3g galaxy tab 2 is at least double my budget. For that sort of price I'd go for an asus. I've seen a Sanei n10 but reviews aren't great. Any other suggestions?
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    10 inch tablet with built in sim card slot/3g

    Hi all. I currently have a momo bird 11 but am looking to upgrade. I'm looking for a 10 inch tablet, quad or dual core with a good battery life running android 4.0 or higher. It's going to be used to catch the games whilst I'm on the go so I don't really want cables and dongles to deal with...
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    Stream Video from Phone to Tablet?

    Thanks for your reply. I'll have to look into samba. I didn't realise that you could get free data with a payg SIM. Could you shed a bit more light for me? Thanks.
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    Stream Video from Phone to Tablet?

    Anyone know if this is possible?
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    Stream Video from Phone to Tablet?

    Hi all. Just changed my phone plan and it doesn't allow tethering. Problem is I like to stream sports on the go but my phone screen is to small. Question is, could I just stream it through my phone, connect my android tablet to it via hdmi and watch the tream on my tablet? Much like you can...
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    Sound on Momo 11 bird

    Hi all. The sound is not that great on my momo 11 bird. If I put a movie on for the kids whilst in the car they can't hear it very well. Is there any way of improving the sound on the tablet? Generally needs to be a bit louder. I always thought it was just a general rule with tablets, Till I...
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    sd card problems

    Morning all. So I bought a 32gb sd card for my android 4 tablet to stick some movies on. I inserted the card and mounted it no problem, connected the tablet to my pc to stick the movies on there, but when i do so it says the file is to large for the destination system. when i click properties on...
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    ployer momo wifi issue.

    Yes they probably do test it. My wifi was working to start with, just that I was only getting about 500 kb- 1 mb dl speed.after the surgery it's now up to 25 mb, so whilst it was always working there is a marked Improvement. They probably don't check the speed, only that it's working. Hope I'm...
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    Which 3g dongle for Momo 11 Bird?

    Anyone? Someone must have a dongle.