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    My time with the Sylvania .... the good and the bad.

    shoot me an email .... I can send you the files.
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    My time with the Sylvania .... the good and the bad.

    M249gnr - I can't explain the behavior but I suggest removing the stcok weather widgets and going with something like Weather bug or weather channel widgets. As for the memory issue. Its going to be difficult to diagnose. I suggest downloading a task manager app to kill all apps. Do this to...
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    Removing Stock Launcher

    awesome ..... can't wait to try it when I get home. is it possible to send me a copy of root explorer? i can't find it anywhere. ([email protected]) Also Market stopped working on my tablet.It worked fine for a week or two but now I can't download, use gmail, or Talk. Do you think a...
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    InfoMic Processor .... Can someone confirm

    Hey Folks, Upon bootup, the InfoMic logo appears for a few seconds. Is it safe to assume these are Infomic based devices? If so, has anyone looked into some of the modding tools found here? Any success...
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    Unresponsive to touch on Sylvania 2.1 Tablet

    A few thing to try ...... Remove all widgets from the desktop. Upgrade to the latest available version. Simply go to settings->Upgrade System. It may take a LONG time but let the Upgrade finish. (I'm talking about hours). If it fails, try rebooting and retrying the upgrade. It took me...
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    My time with the Sylvania .... the good and the bad.

    Hey Folks, I've been reading everyone's posts for the past week since I received my Sylvania Tablet as an X-mas gift. Just wanted to throw my two cents in ..... hopefully this would provide some insight for folks who are on the fence about getting one of these. First off .... i have a...