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    Touch Screens

    Mainly out of curiosity someone suggested the Android OS would still work OK with a mouse on say a Laptop that used and ordinary screen instead of a touch screen. But here is some doubt how it would cope with pinch, expand and the opening wipe needed.
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    Wine for Android

    As I expect many of you are aware, there are many versions of free Wine Software allowing us to run a variety of Windows programs on such as the MAC PC and many versions of Linux. A search shows there is a version for Wine claiming to run on a Tablet using Android, but as often the case many are...
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    Help for Apps

    I never cease to be amazed how unlike Windows often, at the massive amount of free and apparently safe Apps available for Android Tablets. However the one thing I do find difficult is finding any help such as on all the functions of many of these Apps. For example I was obliged to install an...
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    Home Made Apps

    Sometime ago I developed number of free Apps / Programs that work quite well on Debian Linux such as Ubuntu, and even Puppy. I have to set Permissions for each one to allow them to run. But when I tried to download an app to try to install these on my Nexus Android Tablet it only asks if I want...
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    Wandering Around With Skype

    I have a friend on Skype who is elderly and largely house bound like me. So I showed her around this place using my little 7 in Nexus. I would not like to have used a big 10 in. tablet or laptop walking around such as the garden. I promised next time instead of being restricted using WiFi to...
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    Using A Flash Drive

    I bought the adapter lead that that plugs into my Asus Google Nexus 7 tiny USB port and accepts any USB Flash Drive, but I have no ide how the contents of the drive can be seen on the Tablet to be copied over. Do I need a flash drive APP perhaps. Any suggestions please?
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    Copying Windows MP3, Videos and JPGs to Tablet

    My refurbished Asus Google Nexus 7 arrived on Wednesday, it is a good job I bought the book Android Tablet For Seniors beforehand to study. A few problems some might be interested. The Camera APP was not included, but I soon found what is stated to be the original one from the Play Store Apps...
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    Using Some Windows Software

    Many other Linux often do allow you to run many Windows files using the free Wine. But make sure you download the right version of Wine intended for Android by running a search in Google as wine for android download If it should offer a collection of Wine to download, I was told to select...
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    ZIP Files

    Is there an App to unzip ZIP files. If so then perhaps I could zip up a big folder on my Windows 7 PC of such as a few hundred MP3. Then download it to an Android Tablet, unzip it and drag the folder to a Home page. If this is possible others could do so with Cloud or One Drive perhaps.
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    Sigord Newbe

    I am over 80 and have never used a Tablet only Windows on PCs and Laptops and sometimes a Linux. I am hoping to buy a refurbished 7 in Asus Google Nexus. I am baffled since such as Android Tablets have a touch screens and rely on drag and drop, they do not have any Copy and Paste functions. So...