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  1. MusicallyMrM

    Uninstalling/Replacing Apps On My Mach Speed 9.7" Android (They don't want to go)

    Morning Everyone My Mach Speed 9.7" Android doesn't have Google Play Store installed on it so rather than going through the process of rooting and using ADB software (which sometimes can cause more problems than good), I decided to find an alternative App Store and came across 1 Mobile. It has...
  2. MusicallyMrM

    Musical Greetings From The Mac Man

    What's the the good word people? I'm Musically Mr M from Northeastern North Carolina USA. Wanted to introduce myself to all the other technoids here of every level. I really like this Android forum.......I love information and this is the place. ;) What bought me here? Well, I am a music...