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    Thank You For Info On HDMI Cable

    Thank you Leeshor about my problems with tablet to TV, it looks like a duff cable, 3weeks wait, but at least I know that I can view my games on the TV. Many thanks again, and long my you continue to help dull knives, like me.:)>-<
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    Hudl Tablet To TV, HDMI Cable

    Very many thanks, the cable is new today, but I`ll keep at it, I knew I could count on superior talant:)>-<
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    Hudl Tablet To TV, HDMI Cable

    Its me again, I have now a picture( second HDMI at back of TV derrrrrrrr) but keepsblanking out every few seconds, any please help the dull knife!!
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    Hudl Tablet To TV, HDMI Cable

    Hi there. When it comes to computer and the like, I am not the sharpest knife in box. My question. I saw an answer earlier about connecting tablet to tv, but my LG, has 3 HDMI boxes input screen but I cannot get a signal;is it to do with the Hudl tablet, the TV, or am I not doing something...