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  1. ThisIsJustMe

    Tablet won't let me sign in

    Check your emails, you should have one from Google saying you tried to login from a unknown android device. If not, then have you tried adding a Google account under Settings/Account ? At that point you can test the username/password used. It may seem strange, but type slowly. I have had an...
  2. ThisIsJustMe

    Tablet Bricked

    You could try here bricked tablet but use a different IMG for your actual phone.
  3. ThisIsJustMe

    Bricked Tablet

    Ok here is a working solution for a bricked/non responsive V11/A33 tablet. Grab yourself the latest version of PhoenixCard from the Internet. Then a stock image from MEGA here. (don't worry its perfectly safe and reliable) You will also need a PC with a SDCard and reader, that will be used to...
  4. ThisIsJustMe

    Bricked Tablet

    Aside from the reasons why, how can I enter (same bricked issue, stops at Allwinner Tech A33 Quad-Core logo after installing King Root) the recovery mode? I have tried the Up volume and start, nadda, and the Down volume and start keys combined, nadda. Anyone know? So far, the device is no...