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    Asus Or Huawei Tablet?

    I am looking for a relatively inexpensive Android tablet and have been lookin at the Huawei T3 or Asus Zenbook 8.0 Z380M. It will mainly be used with a Parrot BeBop 2 power drone I received for Christmas. Thanks
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    Wi-fi connectivity

    I recently purchased two of the Vizio tablets. One for my wife and one for our son. My wife’s connected to our Vizio wireless router with no problems. When our son tries to conect to his NetGear WGR614v10 router it shows as an open network (no security) and connected, but still does not...
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    Warning to New VTAB Owners

    sabotank, thanks for that bit of information. I love my ASUS tablet, but have been playing around with the wife's vtab and overall I am pretty impressed with it, especially considering the price point.
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    Warning to New VTAB Owners

    I was under the impression that the ability to store apps on a memory card was a limitation of the O/S. I own an ASUS tablet and I have the same limitations. (My wife has the Vizio)
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    Vizio not at Costco?

    I have seen Costco remove things from their site when they are no longer in stock for online purchase and later add them back to their site when more come in for online purchase. Both of the Costco's in my area had quite a few in stock.
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    Vizio not at Costco?

    My local Costco had quite a few in stock yesterday and we picked up two of them