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  1. scubaboyc

    camera to sd card?

    Thanks, but I'm a moron. I was using my mouse and it wouldn't scroll thru the setting box to see it. All set now. :)
  2. scubaboyc

    camera to sd card?

    Hi there, I just got my Pro 12.2. I'm trying to sert it up so when I take pics, the "camera" folder is on the sd card instead of the tablet. I can't find that option from within the camera. Is it somewhere else? Thanks, scubaboyc
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    cool, thanx.
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    hi there, I'm think of picking up a Note Pro 12.2.,. Is it still getting updates? I like the specs, but if it's not moving past the 4.X OS, I may pass. Thanks, scubaboy
  5. scubaboyc

    Recovery Image

    It seems that my A500 has become corrupted and needs to be rebooted with an image. Does anyone know where to find the most current image to use in a reboot? I tried the ones from the Acer site and none of them worked. I keep finding references to ROMs or images, but not the actual things...
  6. scubaboyc

    Stuck on Android Screen

    so, tablet turned itself off. follow instruction at link again. This time, very quickly, screen says erasing cache something erasing data. something about a .zip file and sd boot. get an android w/ gears spinning, follwed by this: i think something bad happened.
  7. scubaboyc

    Stuck on Android Screen

    Now it says: "Bootloader v0.03.12-ICS: Starting Fastboot USB download protocol" Been that way for 15min. any thoughts?
  8. scubaboyc

    Stuck on Android Screen

    Hi everyone! I've been stuck on the android screen for the past 5 hours. Any suggestions? Thanks, scubaboy
  9. scubaboyc

    Photos Erased?

    There was an update in June? I didn't get it.
  10. scubaboyc

    eReader Social Games, Create New One

    Basically no. The A500 doesn't let you create any more folders like the 4 that are preinstalled. ICS lets you make folders. But if you find them lacking, I would suggest trying Folder Organizer from the Play Store. There's a free and paid version. You can make folders similar to the ones that...
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    Ultraviolet Player?

    try "movies by flixster"
  12. scubaboyc

    Store Demo- Can't Update

    This seems to happen alot. There are several threads you can find that hopefully have some sort of resolution. I would suggest contacting Acer ASAP and seeing if they can walk you through something or just take it back and tell them you want an exchange. XDA Developers is another forum to look...
  13. scubaboyc

    google play music on external sd?

    To answer you other question, if you've made your music available offline in GP Music, it should be located here: sdcard>Android>data>>files>music. "Music" is where the mp3 will be and "Artwork" is where the album cover will be. I'm not sure if you can move it to the...
  14. scubaboyc

    google play music on external sd?

    Did you have to reformat the card or did the A500 read it right out of the box?
  15. scubaboyc

    "Dead"/ Unusable Space on Desktop Fix?

    After reading your post leeshor, I cried, like a baby ;) BUT, totally freaky - I held my finger down on where the widget used to be and the "Remove" at the top popped up. I was able to swipe whatever remnant was there away and put a fresh one in it's place. Now I just need to hunt around for...
  16. scubaboyc

    "Dead"/ Unusable Space on Desktop Fix?

    Yes, I set it up after the ICS update. There's a dead space right in the middle of 1 of the homescreens where one used to be.
  17. scubaboyc

    "Dead"/ Unusable Space on Desktop Fix?

    Hi, Long story short, while trying to get rid of some phantom folders/ thumbnails; I cleared the data on the Gallery. I did not foresee the side effect of it removing the album widgets I was using on the desktop. Now when I try to put anything there, be it a widget or app shortcut, it either...
  18. scubaboyc

    deleting old files

    So, I also discovered some lingering folders and thumbnails. I cleared the data for all the affected apps (including Media Storage) then used my file manager to move a media file from one folder to another. This caused the tablet to rescan and it got rid of the lingering thumbnails. However, if...
  19. scubaboyc

    Anyone Having Problems Moving Files/Folders Around on the External SD?

    Reformatted the SD card and now everything works fine. This is the second time the external got corrupted somehow. Douvie, how did you save the file? I screwed up a couple of documents by not saving them in the proper Windows format. After editing in one app and trying to open in another, the...