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  1. dpeagle

    Toshiba Thrive already on sale!

    saw this and didn't see it posted. Mac Mall via their ebay store has the Toshiba 8gb Thrive for $379.99. (Toshiba Thrive 10.1in Tablet (Tegra 1Ghz Dual-Core, Honeycomb OS) $379.99 Deal - Reviews and Compare Prices)
  2. dpeagle

    WOOT deal of the day - Velocity Micro Cruz $79.99

    saw this and didnt see it posted. (Woot® : One Day, One Deal)
  3. dpeagle

    First Sighting Sony S1/S2 Tablets

    saw this and didn't see it here. no real specs yet but at least a tease. (BREAKING NEWS: Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Take Center Stage In Tokyo [Video])
  4. dpeagle

    toshiba tablet coming soon to best buy?

    i didnt see this posted. the mysterious almost secretive, officially unnamed toshiba tablet now has its own product page at best buy. (
  5. dpeagle changes direction! is going all tablets all the time. check out their new website. ;) (
  6. dpeagle

    XOOM to sell for, get this, $1200.00usd!

    according to cnet, best buy now shows the XOOM tablet retail price at $1199.00usd. i wonder if it's listed for this price to make the reported $799.00usd look better? (Motorola Xoom priced at whopping $1199.99? | Crave - CNET) engadget has just updated the info on this. "Update: We've heard...
  7. dpeagle

    FCC opens up the Notion Ink Adam ! more bad news

    one of the most anticipated tablets over the past 12 months boasts garage build quality. (FCC tears open Notion Ink Adam, discovers a questionably built mess inside)
  8. dpeagle

    Sony has a plan to be #2 in tablets by the end of the year

    Report: Sony Aims To Be #2 Tablet Maker | News & Opinion | - i didnt even see any rumors of a vaio tablet. this might be very interesting.
  9. dpeagle

    blackberry announces the "PLAYBOOK" tablet

    i know its not android but cool tech is still KOOL. (BlackBerry PlayBook announced! |
  10. dpeagle

    new android contender lookin for some LUV

    Android-powered LuvPad tablet on sale in Japan | Crave - CNET - this japanese android tablet looks to have excellent specs and pricing. and yes it is available for sale to the USA.