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  1. TokyoSeven

    One confused cheap buyer

    A 1ghz processor wouldnt be a terrible idea if you are intending to upgrade to honeycomb in the future either. Im running 2.2 on an 800mhz Herotab and its ok. Does not bog down to terribly on videos are games, its not awesome by any means. I believe the correct wording would to state that it is...
  2. TokyoSeven

    One confused cheap buyer

    That is a lot to ask for in that budget range and if you do find something that has everything in that range its most likely a buyer beware situation. If you haven't already don't forget to take into consideration that the items battery is of great importance as well. If you can bump your budget...
  3. TokyoSeven

    Parcel just arrived today. As expected the packaging was damaged and mangled but then again my experience with DHL wouldnt be complete without it. Luckily the pads themselves were in there own respective boxes inside a larger well padded well taped box. So barring any kicking or dropping from...
  4. TokyoSeven

    Adding Music Files??? Sylvania 7" Android tablet

    A simple method would be to load the files onto a microSD card and simply play your music from there.
  5. TokyoSeven

    Problem with downloading e-books to tab

    I think FBReader supports the .mobi format. You can get it for free on the android market. Best of luck with your issue.
  6. TokyoSeven

    Well I got on the horn this morning and left a message for a call back but after a few moments of pondering I concluded that odds of a call back where about as likely as them returning my emails. I noticed the live support button was active so I clicked that and was put into a que that last...
  7. TokyoSeven

    So you mean they will use it as an excuse for not returning my emails. I find it strange that they would observe Martin Luther King day. I will try contacting them by phone this coming week to see if I can get any additional information.
  8. TokyoSeven

    potential idiotic question verizon phone hack for non us version of galaxy tab

    The galaxy tab is available from Telus and Rogers up here in Canada. Telus runs off of HSPA and Rogers runs off of GSM. Unfortunetely I do not believe either will be compatible with CDMA.
  9. TokyoSeven

    I placed my order on Monday the 9th. Received an automated confirmation of payment and have nothing heard from them since. I expected to be supplied with shipping information either Thursday or Friday but received nothing. I emailed their customer support and hopefully will have a response with...
  10. TokyoSeven

    Hello Everyone on

    As far as I know I didnt think of of the cast of that movie were Canadian, the only movie that I know about that has any relation to Saskatchewan it self would be Just friends(2005) with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, and that was filmed in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Oh wait! Are you are referring to...
  11. TokyoSeven

    Hello Everyone on

    Howdy folks. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm from Saskatoon Saskatchewan in Canada and just got onto the tablet scene very recently. I was so impressed with my Samsung Galaxy Fascinate I picked up the Galaxy tab and currently have Wopad and a Herotab on the way from Asia...