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  1. FoFoJoe

    A500 stuck at Acer screen, but CWM works

    Between switching roms, something went wrong. My A500 (like said in the title) is stuck at the Acer screen but CWM works.. So I'm not sure how to factory reset this. I've tried the reset button and holding power for three seconds and volume then holding volume after the vibrate and switching the...
  2. FoFoJoe

    Google Music

    I recieved a Invite to the beta shortly before it was released to the public, but put off uploading music until recently. I am pleasantly suprised by the overall quality of Google Music. From replacing missing album art (mostly right) to the massive 20,000 song limit (I have 700ish). The fact...
  3. FoFoJoe

    Headset for Skype

    What headsets do y'all use (or know that work, the mic especially) with Skype? The A500 mic is OK.. but can be annoying when your constantly needing to repeat yourself. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  4. FoFoJoe

    Rom's and Kernel's

    I've been working on getting a new ROM and/or kernel on my A500. I've read and looked around alot, but I need help. Are there limits to what Kernels and Roms work together? How exactly do they work together? I am looking for the 'strongest' Rom/Kernel combo (or whatever that would be), I already...
  5. FoFoJoe

    Funny thing, 3.2 update with root

    I have a fully rooted tablet, custom kernel and all.. and I am currently downloading the OTA thought because I rooted this wouldn't happen? Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  6. FoFoJoe

    Awesome hiding app

    Found this and knew it had to be shared. So far, I haven't had any problems with it, but just check it out. The hiding 'system or whatever is genius :D Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  7. FoFoJoe

    Most Used Apps

    Hey, I was wondering about all your most used apps, whether for media, social networking, games, whatever. Rooted or un rooted. Mine would be; Pandora Facebook Messaging CPU Master Free Evernote FileManagerHD AndroidTablets Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  8. FoFoJoe

    4.0 Update

    Whenever this is, (skipping 3.2)I will need to unroot my tablet to get this upgrade, correct? And need to put the stock kernel and rom? Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  9. FoFoJoe

    Successful Overclock

    I used this kernel- Kernel And am running 1.6GHz, which is quite the noticeable improvement over the standard 1 GHz. Anyone else been successful at this, or gone higher? Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  10. FoFoJoe

    Rooting Guide Help

    OK guys, I am seriously considering rooting. I need the best and most comprehensive guide, with links and the whole shabang. Links and any advice about what to put on first, what not to do and whatnot is appreciated, and thanks in advance. Sent from my (unrooted)A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  11. FoFoJoe

    WiFi Speeds ~ MB/s

    Not sure where to post this.. so I'll post it here. What kind of connection speeds do you fellow A500 users average in your most common area of use? (using whatever speed test) I just tested and got 7.29mb/s, I can go faster obviously if I'm next to my router, but I'm normally in this room...
  12. FoFoJoe

    File transfer from iPod to A500

    If I plug my iPod touch to my A500, it can charge it, and an empty folder appears in the Gallery called something like Apple iPod Touch. Is there a way to transfer music from the iPod to the A500? I can't find it with my file explorer. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  13. FoFoJoe

    Power Issue (?)

    Hello everyone, I got home tonight, and went to check out some stuff on my tab, which I had left on. When I turned on the screen and put my pass code in, and saw it had 6% battery. But about halfway through typing a message, it blacked out. I pressed the power button a few times, thinking it was...
  14. FoFoJoe

    Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3

    Two awesome games, two amazing series. Anybody else looking at these games for PC or PS3? Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  15. FoFoJoe

    Protective Case

    The case that came stock with my Acer is crap, so I'm looking for a portfolio style case, preferably with a stylus holder. I was wondering if anyone has seen/ has a good quality case, and could provide a link. Thanks in advance Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  16. FoFoJoe

    Video chat

    A friend of mine has an iPad 2, and with my A500, is there anyway to video chat? Tango, Skype, some Google chat overlay POS didn't work, and I'm gunna kill someone if this cant be solved and doesn't work; least they won't be able to see it happen. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  17. FoFoJoe

    RAM Issues

    On the box, the Acer A500 has 1gb of RAM. Under settings, it has around 500mbs.. I know some of it is dedicated to system procceses, but not half of the total RAM should be.. right? Or am I just confused here? Any wisdom helps :-) Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  18. FoFoJoe

    Stylus for A500/Multitouch Screen

    Has anyone come across a high quality stylus that works for touchscreens? Any thoughts or findings help :-) Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
  19. FoFoJoe

    Android 3.1 issues

    Android 3.1 finally came out for me today, and this morning I eagerly downloaded it. When I went to install it, I had to download it again, but I didn't care because it was fast anyway. When I went to install, everything seemed right, but when it finally came back on, I went to check under...
  20. FoFoJoe

    Best Apps for Work/Compatibility

    On my Acer Iconia A500, i have Docs to Go, which lets me only view powerpoints, word documents, and excel sheets. For school, I need to use these commonly. What is the best app (if any) for creating/editing these kinds of files?