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  1. chiko84

    Firmware Based On Allwinner A13 ROMs

    Here we leave a list ROMS For based tablet All Winner A13 (Compilation) FIRMWARE-T703-CPUA13-8G-BOARDQ88DV1.1-ESP-NOLOGO-2013-11 A13-EVB-V1.0-20130926-Android4.2.2-Os-root-MaPan T901-3version(A13)(8G)(KB901-v3.4-5(LCD9INCH-CPT-800x480)(GSL3680)(RTL8188)(MC3230) A13-Q8-1688-121 A13 TZX-Q8...
  2. chiko84

    List of ROMs For A23

    This link is a list of Roms. I have found this list Looking for a Roms, for my Tablet Here I leave the Link mid710xx_to_713dc_717_710dc_se.rar gt900fb25cd-tpa2-v1.2.4.0-20141112release-clone-ok.rar 7inch A23 Q8 t123_PHHC230840225Q102...