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  1. MaxTcee

    Galaxy Tab 7 ICS alpha

    Alpha 3![ICS AOSP]{GSM/CDMA/P1000L/N}{DEV}{WIP} 11/12/11 TEAM DEVELOPMENT - xda-developers Alpha 3![ICS AOSP]{GSM/CDMA/P1000L/N}{DEV}{WIP} 11/12/11 TEAM DEVELOPMENTICS for Galaxy Tab 7 **PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE FLASHING!** Before you flash, Do an NANDroid backup, and then you can...
  2. MaxTcee

    GingerBread Is Here

    [stock rom][2.3.3] p1000xxjq1 p1000xxjq1 p1000xxjpz - xda-developers Enjoy
  3. MaxTcee

    ITS HERE Gsm rom honeycomb port beta

    [ROM][CDMA][VZW]Honeycomb Alpha V.040211 (Updated 4/3/11) - xda-developers
  4. MaxTcee

    HoneyComb Port For Tab So Close

    Porting honeycomb to the Galaxy Tab *update 3/24/11* - xda-developers
  5. MaxTcee

    ATT Galaxy Tab For $ALE

    hey guys i got a att samsung galaxy tab for sale it is in mint condition has had case on it since i bought it this is the only US tab right now that will allow you to make phone calls and 3g its already sim unlocked and has cwr and costom rom which allows you to make phone calls as well as 3g...
  6. MaxTcee

    (SOLD) WITS A81E For Sale

    Brand new wits a81e for sale has 1208 firmware on it plus GPS Android 2.2 - The most advanced mobile operating system to date! Flash 10.1 - The latest version of Adobe Flash to play every media rich web content available! Youtube, etc Wi-Fi - Go online wherever you are, you can leave your...
  7. MaxTcee

    new firmware jm6 browswer fixed new widgets

    New EURO Firmware - P1000XXJM6 - UPDATED Rate This ThreadExcellent Good Average Bad Terrible clubtech 28th November 2010, 02:21 PM ReTweet this post # 1 New EURO Firmware - P1000XXJM6 - UPDATED You are flashing the below at YOUR OWN RISK This is only for the Euro version...
  8. MaxTcee

    Flash your at&t Tab to make calls + 1900+850 WCDMA

    clubtech 21st November 2010, 04:44 PM ReTweet this post # 1 [HOW-TO] Flash your at&t Tab to make calls + 1900+850 WCDMA - UPDATED Please note that i am not responsible if you brick your Galaxy Tab. This worked for me and i now have a Galaxy Tab, on At&t making calls + 3G data +...
  9. MaxTcee

    Samsung: Galaxy Tab source code released!

    custom roms here we come Here are the list: click on mobile International versions: GT-P1000 (South East Asia) GT-P1000 (International) GT-P1000 (HK/Taiwan) GT-P1000L BR...
  10. MaxTcee

    Google Voice and Skype Working on Tab

    Here is a quick how to get Skype and Google Voice working on the Tab... This gives unlimited calling out and receiving calls via Skype VOIP.. I have been using it for a day now and it works great via wifi and 3G... So here is what I did... I now have a working VOIP phone service via my...
  11. MaxTcee

    Phone Calls ON Tmobile Galaxy Works

    it was confirmed on another sight that it works just wait on the how to Adventures in trying to get Phone calls - Page 4 - xda-developers ReTweet this post # 49 Well, most of the info came from; post 23. I just started from a...
  12. MaxTcee

    Using Camera LED as flashlight
  13. MaxTcee

    galaxytab root

    yes boys and girls you heard it right its already rooted i tried it on t mobiles tab and it works make sure you download busybox from market after so you can write to system [APP] z4root - xda-developers
  14. MaxTcee

    ViewSonic launches world's first dual boot tablet

    » Forward » Permalink Forward to friend: Enter the details of who you'd like to forward this News Item Your name RequiredRecipient's name RequiredRecipient's email Required Does not look like an email address Add a message to send - I saw this on and thought of you - Click...
  15. MaxTcee

    Galaxy Tab Sprint,Verizon,Sprint Compared

    Galaxy Tab | Samsung looks like t -mobile will have the better version of the big 3 not only will it be avaliable before sprint and verizon but will weigh less, have 16g built in memory but will also be the only one with camera flash just click the link above and check out this comparsion...
  16. MaxTcee

    Tablet Battle+Comparision chart

    Tablet Battle: HP Slate vs. iPad vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Oct 22, 2010 9:53 am Remember that disappointing HP tablet with Windows 7 from January everyone thought it was scrapped? Well, it's called the HP Slate and it's out now for a whopping $799. Before you get...
  17. MaxTcee

    android ginger bread tabs

    Android 3.0 Sample Tablets Available by Dec. '10 9:00 PM - October 20, 2010 by Jane McEntegart - source: Tom's Hardware US If these rumors are to be believed Android 3.0 is all but finished and we'll see tablets running the OS at the beginning of January. Zoom We already know that...