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  1. Pamster

    Hi Guys, Question, Is the eLocity A7-004 7-Inch Tablet Good for a Beginner?

    Just wondering if this would be good for watching videos and playing puzzle games or angry birds? Mostly playing videos though. Also is it upgradeable at all or would it be stuck at Froyo? eLocity A7-004 7-Inch Tablet Computer - Black: Computers & Accessories Thanks for the help...
  2. Pamster

    Netflix Now Compatibile With Ice Cream Sandwich Due to Newest Update

    Thanks for sharing this dgstorm! It's awesome news! :D
  3. Pamster

    Accessories for Coby MID1125

    I don't know, it depends I suppose on the person, if you were into books and reading it might be nice to be able to take your entire ebook library with you on the 32 gb card. I just found one for $37 bucks here: - SanDisk 32GB Micro SDHC Flash Card Model SDSDQM-032G-B35N Also...
  4. Pamster

    Accessories for Coby MID1125

    Hi jsetgirl, I found this when I was looking at the device on amazon, they have these in one or two packs, etc. And here are some cases...
  5. Pamster

    Holy Cr@p I have full flash working on MID7012

    Wow, that's really awesome ellandry! Thanks for sharing the information, I am sure people will be THRILLED If this works for them like it is for you! :D
  6. Pamster

    Any one have information on loading Andriod 3.1 on Pan Digital Star.

    That's great Wolfy_X2, I am glad you got it working. That technique was actually for another brand of tablet and the coby's have been able to utilize it too. Glad to hear it will not brick the Pandigital Star to use. :)
  7. Pamster

    Big Lots 7" Cruz tablet, can't upgrade firmware, hard to identify

    That's too bad, I hope they are able to resolve this for you before Christmas. :( Thanks for the upate, I was wondering what had happened with the support ticket and if you'd ever heard from them again. Good Luck BlackTrenchCoat. :D
  8. Pamster

    My review of the Coby MID7012 and getting Android Marketplace to work..

    Thanks for the review and for taking time to go over the steps you took to set up the device yuppicide! :D
  9. Pamster

    Coby MID1125-4G for $189.98 at!

    Glad you picked up one of these, I am sure you will be very pleased with it pra4snw! Thanks for sharing the info here too! :D
  10. Pamster

    nook color refurb or coby kyros 1125

    Congratulations Daphane. I am sure it will make you very pleased when you're done setting it up. :D
  11. Pamster

    Looking to add Android Market to coby mid8125

    What model was this one flasherz? We have a set of coby forums here that you can sift through to see if anyone else has had this issue with the same model. The board search up in the top right under Settings link works good for this purpose too, try the model # of the Coby you did this on and...
  12. Pamster

    nook color refurb or coby kyros 1125

    If you're looking at the 1125, walmart has it for $188 right now Daphne, I don't know, I think it's personal preference, the nook is smaller, and the 1125 is a 10" tablet. I don't know how to advise you on this big purchase, I think you're best bet is to write down the pros and cons for each...
  13. Pamster

    Google Pulls Malware From Android Market; Also, $1M Stolen This Year Due to Malware

    Thanks for posting this dgstorm, I am glad google is working to fight malware. I think some people assume that because it's android that it is okay. Like android is invulnerable to viruses or malware somehow. Not the case though as this press release shows.
  14. Pamster

    Need Advice please. $200 and Confused??

    No gorilla glass in the coby, but it's a good idea to get a screen protector anyway. I am with jseah on this. :)
  15. Pamster

    Need Advice please. $200 and Confused??

    I just have to post a link to the walmart Coby MID1125, if we hadn't just snagged a dell netbook (I know, I know, but it was a killer deal, I had to jump) we'd be ALL OVER This COby deal for $188 at walmart! If I'm not too late and you didn't order yet, THIS device has multi-touch and all kinds...
  16. Pamster

    Hello all! Newbie here!

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed the time I've spent researching android devices and I hope I have been helpful while I've been here. BUT, just this morning hubby and I got a email from dell and they had a incredible deal on their Mini 1012, a device we've had...
  17. Pamster

    Sprint planning to bring the HTC EVO View 4G to $199 the week after Christmas?

    I think that's exactly what it meant, that you have to sign on a dotted line to get the price reduction. But if you're on the market for a new carrier and want a tablet capable of using this feature this could be a good thing. That is hard to believe they can make a contract for THREE years, two...
  18. Pamster

    Features Of Some Popular Brand Name Tablets

    I wonder if that is possible to hook up a keyboard through the headphone jack? Did you try to return it saying it was misleading as the website showed it as the model I listed above and there was NO Mention of a DS on the model# there? I am sorry that they even made a model without USB or HDMI...
  19. Pamster

    Instructional manual

    I searched their website and couldn't find any manual for this model. Sorry baylea, I don't think they have one, there is an 'installation guide' there on their website here: - Zenithink ZT-180 Android Tablets I don't know if this helps at all, they have a couple links to videos...
  20. Pamster


    Hi GiantRobot, Welcome to the board, glad you could joins us. :D You will be thrilled with the Transformer Prime from what I've read about it it's one heckuva device! Congratulations on your tablet purchases. :D