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  1. klown07

    Samsung Galaxy Tab for preorder at best buy

    So I was at and searched for samsung galaxy tab and results showed the galaxy tab for sprint and verizon up for preorder at the low low price of $599.99 lol. No info on the wifi only version though. Here's the link for those interested: samsung galaxy tab - BestBuy
  2. klown07

    Samsung Galaxy Tab wi-fi only

    Well supposedly Best Buy will be selling a Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab for $499.99. It's a better price, but I was kind of hoping for a $400 price tag, blah. But now I might consider a bit more about getting one if this is true. Galaxy Tab WiFi-only model hitting Best Buy for $499.99...
  3. klown07

    Notion Ink Early Access

    Notion Ink Early Access Notion Ink Welcome On Board! Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on October 20, 2010 Hello There! Greetings from Notion Ink! You exchanged some emails with us regarding your interest in writing apps for the...
  4. klown07

    Archos 43 available @

    The archos 43 is now available for preorder over at for anyone who was interested in this one. Here is the link: Archos 43 - 16 GB Internet Tablet (Black): Electronics: Reviews, Prices & more
  5. klown07

    Advent Vega 10 inch tablet

    Well there is going to be new 10 inch tablet supposed to go on sale tomorrow October 18th, at pc world and currys, also dixons. It seems to have all the right specs, and a reasonable price I suppose. The only thing I'm unsure of is if it has g-sensor and accelerometer? If anyone has more details...
  6. klown07


    Uh, I couldn't remember if I did an introduction just in case, Hello again. I'm about to post something about a new tablet supposed to be released tomorrow October 18. Look for the post.
  7. klown07

    eLocity A7

    At first I was very interested in getting an Archos 70 or Archos 101. But now I'm wondering if I should go with an eLocity A7. The specs for it look super SWEEEET. A lot more expensive but still. I want to be set for awhile. I don't know, this is tough. eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch...
  8. klown07

    Archos 32 IT Now available to order

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to inform you all that you can now order the Archos 32 IT for $149 at the official website for those who were interested. I'm a bit turned off by the screen size, but is the screen resistive or capacitive? Here's the link: ARCHOS-Portable Digital Media Player Internet...
  9. klown07

    Silent and observant

    Hello everyone. I'm the new guy. I mostly do a lot of reading and research and try to learn and teach everything myself by using google and stuff. I'll do my best not to bother anyone unless I'm absolutely stuck on something. Or to clarify things. I may not post a lot but I'm definitely actively...