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  1. DanU

    MAC Address?

    FWIW every network device in the world has a MAC address
  2. DanU

    how do i get music onto my tablet????!!! HELP

    See if you can find a cute boy to do it for you.
  3. DanU

    Cant get to Google apps market - HELP PLEASE!!

    Sounds like wifi isn't configured or connected.
  4. DanU

    What's Up With All the UNBOXING Videos?

    I agree with you.
  5. DanU

    Root my Android tablet

    Gingerbreak worked very well for me. Google it and you will find tons of links and procedures.
  6. DanU

    Wits A81-E Market no longer working - market fix no longer working also (FW 0221)

    I found this on the witstech forum: " I solved it by manually editing the build.prop file, inside the /system directory of the device. You need to be root for that. I changed the values of these lines as follows : ro.product.model=Blade ro.product.brand=zte
  7. DanU

    please help, my tablet doesnt boot

    You just bought per your original post. What does the vendor say?
  8. DanU

    cell standby draining battery

    You can remove unnecessary phone related services. I know that there is a sticky thread on the Witstech forum that has a link that describes what to do on those devices, and i had good results following that guidence with one of my devices. You have to go find some files and delete them, but it...
  9. DanU

    New User needs help

    I assume you are following some web site link to a flash software download? Try going to android market and downloading a flash player app from there instead.
  10. DanU

    Sprint 3G dongle on A91?

    Okay, I am trying to set up for EVDO (although it appears the modem also supports CDMA). However, it doesn't appear that the options for configuration line up with the user information I am able to gather from the Sprint SmartView app I use on my laptop. Setup UI wants: Config Name Card ID...
  11. DanU

    Sprint 3G dongle on A91?

    Thanks as usual, Fatman. I found the config UI, now I need to get the correct settings from my work laptop and I should be in business!
  12. DanU

    USB Drive

    Mine shows up as Disk0.
  13. DanU

    Sprint 3G dongle on A91?

    My company provides me Sprint 3G dongle for my laptop. I would like to use it with my A91. Is there an initialization string or app I have to use to make it work? On my PC, there is an application called smartview that I have to load to tell the dongle to connect. Is there something similar...
  14. DanU

    My Keypad

    Calibrate the screen
  15. DanU

    Need help finding a bluetooth compatible cheap tablet

    both of my witstech tablets have bluetooth and cost under $200 ea when purchased new. /edit even though both of my wits devices have bluetooth, I ues a folio with built in USB OTG interface so I don't have to worry about powering the keyboard. You can find them for under $20. /edit
  16. DanU

    Best tablet for use with thumb drive

    Both of my Witstech devices work great with a USB memory stick.
  17. DanU

    Android tablet 2.2 dropped =(

    I bet the battery connection came apart. It would be wrth it to pen the case and inspect it, either yourself or at a shop if you are not comfortable doing it.
  18. DanU

    Wits A81-E Market no longer working - market fix no longer working also (FW 0221)

    Octopus can you please elaborate on the changes to the build.prop file? Id like to give it a shot on my old A81G.
  19. DanU

    Has anyone successfully rooted an A91 with Gingerbreak?

    Update - success! I actually had two devices. On my first try, i foolishly used z4 and i think it moved some files before it failed, causing a problem for a subsequent attempt with gingerbreak. Gingerbreak worked great on a fresh unit, and im sure if i were to put files back in the expected...
  20. DanU

    How to install .apk files from SD card?

    Sounds like the device is having a problem seeing the card. Is the card fomatted properly? Did you logically mount the card? Have you been able to read other data from the card in the tablet?