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  1. scubaboyc

    camera to sd card?

    Hi there, I just got my Pro 12.2. I'm trying to sert it up so when I take pics, the "camera" folder is on the sd card instead of the tablet. I can't find that option from within the camera. Is it somewhere else? Thanks, scubaboyc
  2. scubaboyc


    hi there, I'm think of picking up a Note Pro 12.2.,. Is it still getting updates? I like the specs, but if it's not moving past the 4.X OS, I may pass. Thanks, scubaboy
  3. scubaboyc

    Recovery Image

    It seems that my A500 has become corrupted and needs to be rebooted with an image. Does anyone know where to find the most current image to use in a reboot? I tried the ones from the Acer site and none of them worked. I keep finding references to ROMs or images, but not the actual things...
  4. scubaboyc

    Stuck on Android Screen

    Hi everyone! I've been stuck on the android screen for the past 5 hours. Any suggestions? Thanks, scubaboy
  5. scubaboyc

    "Dead"/ Unusable Space on Desktop Fix?

    Hi, Long story short, while trying to get rid of some phantom folders/ thumbnails; I cleared the data on the Gallery. I did not foresee the side effect of it removing the album widgets I was using on the desktop. Now when I try to put anything there, be it a widget or app shortcut, it either...
  6. scubaboyc

    Anyone Having Problems Moving Files/Folders Around on the External SD?

    Hi there, Is anyone having issues moving things around on their external SD? I tried moving a bunch of folders (from my Camera folder to my Pictures folder) and I couldn't do it with any of the file managers I have on my A500 ( ES File, Astro & AndroZip). When I attached my A500 to my laptop and...
  7. scubaboyc

    Custom ROM Suggestions

    Hi there, Being I'm now out of warranty, I've been debating whether or not to root and throw a custom ROM on my A500. Any suggestions on which ROM to use? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, scoobs
  8. scubaboyc


    Hi, I've try 4 times to upload some videos to my dropbox from my A500. It keep telling me the upload failed and doesn't give a reason why. The videos are roughly 1min & 2:20min and are in the .3pg formatt the A500 takes them in. Do I need to convert them or are they too long? Thanx.
  9. scubaboyc

    Accounts & Sync on ICS?

    Does anyone know how to add/ remove an account from the A500? I wanted to remove an account I no longer use and aadd one I do. I can't figure it out, there seems to be no option under Accounts & Sync to do it anymore. I've been at it for almost an hour, checked the forums too. Thanks Update...
  10. scubaboyc

    Fluctuating number of apps

    So is anyone else experiencing a constant changing in the number of apps downloaded since the Google Play upgrade? Every time one app updates, "two" disappear. I keep bouncing between 148 and 154 apps. It's annoying, but hopefully it's going to go away. I'm assuming this has something to do...
  11. scubaboyc

    Stock Browser issues?

    Is anyone having issues with their stock browser? Whenever I try to open another tab, it just crashes. Same thing goes for pop-outs. Sometimes, it doesn't even open. I'm not getting a force close messages, just crashing. This seems to have started after the Google Play update. For a short...
  12. scubaboyc

    WMP Sync?

    Good Morning, Can the A500 sync music via Windows Media Player? I was trying to sync music the old fashioned way (USB) since when I do it over wifi, it doesn't show the album art. The A500 shows up in WMP, but when I go to sync, it does nothing. Is there a setting I missed or is it completely...
  13. scubaboyc

    Cowon Android mp3 player

    I'm in the market for a new mp3 player. I'm torn between the Samsung Galaxy Player or this player from Cowon: Customer Reviews: Cowon D3 Plenue 32 GB 3.7-Inch MP3 Player with Android (Black) Anyone have any experience with it? It's right up my alley in regards to storage, but it...
  14. scubaboyc

    Galaxy Player 5.0?

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new mp3 player and the Galaxy Player 5.0 caught my eye. Sadly, it doesn't come in a 16GB version. My media collection (at least that which I want to keep on me) is roughly 37GB and growing. Does anyone know if it will read a 64GB sd card? Also does anyone know if...
  15. scubaboyc

    Cold Boot ?

    One of my kids turned my A500 off yesterday after playing a game. It took 10 minutes to turn on from the cold boot (correct term? cold boot = powered on from off?). Is that normal? It seems like an awful long time. Thanks
  16. scubaboyc Market?

    Does anyone have any experience with I woke up this morning and my Market app was replaced with a "new" market on my phone's homescreen. When I tapped it, it took me to my browser and then to some other kinda market that wanted me to log into it. There was also some sort of...
  17. scubaboyc

    SwiftKey Tablet X?

    Hi there, I'm using SwiftKey Tablet X (full) & loving it. However, lately I've been running into a quirk. I try to log into something using my username & password and it capitalizes the first letter or both. I can't seem to find it in the setting and I've already looked a few other places...
  18. scubaboyc


    I'm thinking of getting a new "mp3 player". The Archos show up alot in my seraches. All I really want out of it is 16GB+expandable, FM tuner, touch screen, no bigger than a 5" screen and wifi. Any suggestions on which to buy? I really liked the Archos 5, but I can't find it on the Archos...
  19. scubaboyc

    Slide Show app recommendation

    Can anyone recommed a good slide show app? Just to be clear, I'm looking for something that creates a widget (correct term?) on my tablet top that will scroll through the pictures I have on my tablet. Thanks.
  20. scubaboyc

    Hangup & crash

    Since the 3.2 update, my tablet has been hinky. When using apps (almost any) or the pre-installed folders (eReading, Social, etc), they are really slow when moving back and forth or existing. I get a black screen for 20 seconds. Apps and the browsers (I've got the stock, Opera, Bolt and...