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    To Archos or Samsung, that is the question

    Hi everyone I know this question has been asked a hundred times, by a hundred people, but I thought I would post as well with my intended use and ask for your advise. The first question I want to answer is that I have the money for a Galaxy Tab, but I am wondering if an Archos will do the job...
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    Sprint Galaxy Tab - International question

    Hi world wide friends I have just found someone here in South Africa selling a Sprint Galaxy Tab privately at a good price that they bought in the US. This device is obviously designed to be used in the US and therefore, from what I can understand, is locked and I would have no 3G functionality...
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    Flash vs hard drive

    Hi everyone I see in the specs of the 70 that the smaller one has a flash memory while the bigger one has a hard drive. Can someone who is clued up on this advise. My perception is that flash is better from the point of view that it is more stable and when switching on it is almost instantly...
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    Archos size 4 Android

    Hi everyone I have been doing some research and have read in more than one place that 7 inch is the max size for Google to recognize and for Android to operate optimally. I am considering the Archos 101 - what's the deal, is this too big for Android, will there be a compromise, should I rather...
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    Archos USB port

    Hi everyone A question about the USB port of the 70 and 101 that I am eagerly waiting to come into our market. In South Africa, we don't have too many WiFi hotspots around (there are a couple) so I want to have 3G connection when away from home and my WiFi. I know that I can tether to my...
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    Archos tablets

    Hi guys I am currently considering and Archos tablet (either the 70 or 101, not sure on memory size either). Can I have some opinions on the Archos units? What is the general feeling? Also, it appears that the 70 250gig is a hard drive vs flash. Should I rather go for the less capacity...
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    Hello from South Africa

    Hey everyone I am Andrew from South Africa. I am currently considering a Archos 101 or 70 when they arrive, still doing my homework (and enjoying the reading) - hence my presence here. Andrew