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    Jazz Tablet won't go past the loading screen

    You can try to restart the system using a factory reset to fix the problem most of the time but you ''YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR SETTING AND DATA'' if it has not been backed up. turn off the unit plug it in and unplug it after a few seconds then hold down the volume up and power buttons at the same...
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    Ultratab Jazz 7" or 9" Update

    when you get email from them after registering with theme sooner or later when the update is availble they will send an email and you update over the internet through usb i'm told.. here is there site have‎ looks like a 12 year old designed
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    Ultratab Jazz 7" or 9" Update

    There are no update for any of the jazz ultratabs I have the 9.7 and I spoke to them about a memory problem with them and it was useless and when there is an update they will inform you through email so make sure you register with them..if you don't I guess you are not worth there time to bother...
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    Help with Jazz 9.7 Ultratab memory error

    Hi All.thanks for looking.. I have a jazz 9.7 Ultratab 8GB On board memory JELLY BEAN 4.2.2 and I went to install a new game and during the instal the system crashed for what ever reason it just shut off and then when I rebooted there seemed to be no problem so I started the installation and i...